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    How often do you was your plastic pants?

    I just started wearing plastic pants over my diapers and wanted to know bow often everyone washes theirs? I seldom ever leak and they are just to hold in the pee smell that slowly leaks over the course of the night. I only wear at night and I wear abena x-pluses plastic back.
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    Reasons to wear onesie to bed with wife?

    I recently ordered a onesie and I'm nervours to wear it around the wife though. She is accepting about me weaing and doesn't mind me wearing to bed a few nights a week. We have a kid on on the and I feel she might think it's really wierd with me wearing an adult onsie. I'm thinking of saying...
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    Baby powder in diaper while flying?

    I know there is a long diapered while flying thread but no one has mentioned having their diaper full of baby powder while flying. I always put a lot of baby powder in my diaper before I put it on. I wanted to know if anyone has had any trouble with the new scanners and baby powder in their...
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    Diaper ID please

    Can anyone ID this diaper for me please. Thanks
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    Massage in diapers round II

    The previous massage thread is closed and i really wanted to add my two cents since there were so many differsnt opinions in the last one. I think getting a massage in a diaper is perfectly fine with or without tellling the massause ahead of time. I get them all the time in just a diaper and...