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    todler time

    Just be yourself! :)
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    Waddling Tonight...

    Hey, whatever floats your boat. More power to you, kiddo. ;)
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    Things toddlers do that you wish you could get away with.

    For me it would be wearing a shirt and diaper out in public, while drinking a bottle of apple juice, while mommy or daddy tells me what a good little baby I am. :)
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    Dang it!

    Wasted two Little Pawz today, all because I didn't tape them right, and wouldn't stick. First time, lower right tape was too low, second time, tried taping from right side. Really unhappy cub right now, barely have over 30 left. Those are awfully expensive. So mad, want to throw a tantrum. ><
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    Fiance and I having "little" Problems

    Negotiation is key in this! Keep communicating and keep an open dialogue with each other. Respect each other's wants and needs. :). Good luck!
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    This is going to be a bit scary for me, but...

    Because I never had the guts before to post anything AB/DL related. Sorry if I used a poor choice of words.
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    What clothes Do you wear

    Anything doing with Legend of Zelda, or Sonic The Hedgehog. :)
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    This is going to be a bit scary for me, but...

    I know there's nothing wrong with me. I am a well adjusted college graduate, attaining a 3.5 GPA, National Honor Society of Psychology,with a part time job, hoping to move up the ranks. Did I mention I also have autism? Yeah, I also live on my own. So, I do well for myself.
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    This is going to be a bit scary for me, but...

    What better time than now to come out of the closet? What do you guys think?
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    so does anyone roleplay?

    I tend to do it with friends that are closest to me, but I am open to new people! :)
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    Tykables Exposed

    Ridiculous. Shouldn't the citizens of Chicago be more concerned with violence that has been happening on their streets lately, oh say, with guns, than a freaking diaper store? Wow, people's priorities, man. *sighs* - - - Updated - - - Thank you! It is none of their damn business! Like I...
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    My mom found my diapers!!

    This world would be better off with parents like you, to be honest. :). I don't know how my parents would have reacted if they knew I was into diapers at that age. I think you're one in a million! I started liking them around 13, and the only person that really really knows is my younger...
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    New survey - social life of ABDLs

    I certainly enjoyed it. I am intrigued by the results of the survey.
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    Yes, even us Adult Babies get sick sometimes...

    I hope you feel better soon. Being sick is no fun.
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    So I Came Out As AB/DL to a Group of Friends

    I generally find that most furs are tolerable of our AB/DL stuff, as long as we don't try to get them involved in it, if they're not interested.
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    My Fursona's Babyfur Form!

    Aww, how sweet of your girlfriend to do that. She sounds like a keeper to me! :)
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    How long you've been in a wet diaper?

    Immediately. I don't like being unclean for long.
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    I love napping on my days off!
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    Girlfriend of DL Help

    I am happy you are trying to understand from his perspective how difficult it is for him to come out with this side of him. I am glad you really want to stay with him. Communication is key. Set boundaries and limits with what you are comfortable with. And don't be afraid to ask questions...
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    *Shocking News* The Bad Baby! (Baby Brett)

    Oh God. Never at my worst would I ever do that in public. What an embarrassment to the AB/DL community this is. I want to smack this guy silly.