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    Sex change Rant

    Although I do think men certainly have some advantages, I think that in terms of how people accept the clothes women wear is much easier. I personally wear women's flip flops (very plain and hard to tell that they're women's) and that's pretty much the only think I can get away with wearing...
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    Wearing Plastic Pants...

    I've always wanted to try plastic pants. Want to recommend some for me? I'm really tiny (can fit into 4T-5T Pull Ups).
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    Joked or Offered Diapers When Young

    When I was about 5 after I was potty trained I can remember an incident where I accidentally wet myself and my dad threatened to put me back in diapers. I didn't like diapers at the time so I refused but now that I think of it I wish I hadn't...
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    A good feeling!!

    I always love it when a new pack of diapers arrives at home, but I always feel guilty that I spent so much money (I'm actually saving up for a car right now)
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    longest single diaper

    Probably overnight. I usually like wearing baby diapers like Pull-Ups in particular.
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    wearing diapers wile studying

    I can't do this. It takes too much effort to focus on studying when wearing a diaper because of the distracting psychological effect wearing a diaper has... but maybe that's only for me.
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    Better way to wear Goodnites

    Hmm I just tried GoodNites and it seems to be that the girls version holds more but the boys version is more comfy (I'm a guy)...
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    Potty Training at what age..

    It was, I don't know why they did that. They did talk about getting bedwetting diapers like GoodNites and stuff but never actually did it. Looking back, I wish they had done that...
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    SIDF: Sleep In Diapers Friday

    First week as a member of ADISC and I'm going to do this! Now to decide whether I'll wear a Pull-Up or a GoodNite...
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    Little Movers Ok for my size?

    The only baby diapers I can fit in are Pull Ups 4T-5T, Easy-Ups, and Cruizers 7
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    Has this happened to you?

    Once I went to but baby pull ups and the cashier was like "Should I put your ...uh... pull-ups in a bag?" I could sense some hesitation since I'm at an age where I'm too old to have a brother/sister of that age and too young to have children...
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    Potty Training at what age..

    I was potty trained at an average age but I still bedwet until I was like 10. I never wore night time diapers though, I just kept wetting the bet...
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    white cloud

    I personally prefer Huggies Pull-Ups... I've tried a couple of store brands and they've all had various problems. What your order of preference?
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    Whats your favorite thing about being a sissy or little girl?

    Definitely the feeling of the clothing... Especially skirts, dresses, stockings, high heels, sandals, flip flops, etc.
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    Wetting my diaper is getting easier

    If that's the case I wonder if it would theoretically be possible to completely un-potty-train yourself...
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    Unusual sighting

    Are you sure they're not maybe wipes that he was using on his children? My hands keep the scent whenever I used baby wipes...
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    Wetting my diaper is getting easier

    I wish I was able to do it more easily. I've been having to force it for a while... Do you think it has to do with your mindset or something?
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    Looking for older goodnights for sale

    Well I do live in a big city if that increases chances. I do understand what you're saying though, and its not usually just one or two packs, its usually when they have a huge amount of leftovers in the closet (I mean like a couple of those big boxes you get at Costco or other wholesale stores).
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    best pullup for a small adult

    Possibly UnderJams? If you're very very lucky and have a skinny enough waist try Pampers Easy-Ups or Huggies Pull-Ups.
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    Stupid question re: Goodnites and Pull-ups

    The line-up from smallest to largest goes like this I believe: Huggies Pull-Ups Night-Time 2T-3T -> 3T-4T -> GoodNites S/M -> GoodNites L/XL. I think S/M is about a 4T-5T Pull-Up that is bigger in terms of range.