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    Nappies At work

    There is an appliance for female divers to wear that hooks into the "p-valve". I haven't had an opportunity to use my new dry-suit, but for the extra expense and the mess if it ever failed I did have the valve fitted.
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    Practical Diapers?

    I haven't tried it myself because I don't own a dry-suit, but I have heard of people using them on long dives. With a wetsuit it is not as much of a problem as there is a thin layer of water that will wash away any pee.
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    New Here

    Sometimes I wish I had my own business, I work for the military right now and have moved three times in less than two years. Next on my list of projects is to build a home built aircraft but I need to live in the same spot for a few years to get started on that.
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    New Here

    Hello everyone :) normally I'm quite shy so I don't know how often I will be posting. As I said on my profile I have too many interests so I will stick to the ones I practice frequently. I am an engineer and have my pilots license. I like making things, including using welding, machining...