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    Seem to have found a good fix for dodgy tena tapes

    Have been having alot of trouble with the bottom tapes snapping off on my tena slip maxi's Doesn't seem to be so much of an issue on the supers so I think the cause is down to extra stress being put on the tapes after the swelling caused by wetting. Decided I'd had enough of it and got the...
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    Body Integrity Identity Disorder

    Seems this has already been discussed to a degree in other threads but I thought I'd bring it up. Also hope its in the right place and mods feel free to move it as appropriate! Body Identity Integrity Disorder Makes Patients Want to Be Disabled - ABC News There is also a UK daily (hate) mail...
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    During my last visit to Scotland I discovered that people on benefits can use a special card to get any over the counter medical supplies free of charge on the NHS. Just wondering if any Scottish Adisc people on benefits have tried this to get free padding, and if it works? If not is there a...
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    Rather amuusing experience with my last order

    Haven't posted for a while, but got a rather funny story to share. Although it wouldn't have been so funny if I didn't have my own place. Somehow wound up lumped with a couple of boxes of Lille Supreme maxi (orrible cloth covered stuff, don't reccomend) when I was after conti-fit which they...
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    Old hat, new here

    Hey everyone, Thought I'd give adisc a look. Used to be pretty active in the ab/dl community a few years back, so some of you might know me under a different name ;) Not sure how active I'll become here at the moment, as it seems I've experienced a bit of an emotional setback/regression...