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    New sample ordering program for Canadians

    I have had great luck with AgeComfort shipping, usually one or two days in Ontario.
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    Do Diapers Make the Trash VERY HEAVY?

    One of the places I lived only picked up the trash every other week, but if you requested it you could get them to come on the off week to pickup a single bag of "incontinence products". So if the garbage collectors were there on the off week they and any neighbors who saw would know exactly...
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    Favorite thing to do while diapered

    I like to fall asleep on a night when I know I don't have to get up in the morning. I get to go to bed secure knowing I don't have to get up for almost as long as I want, and when I wake up I can relieve myself without getting out of bed.
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    My biggest fear about buying online.

    Age Comfort ships in plain boxes or boxes with other labels (their other business sells tools, and I once got a package that said "Tool Table" on it). When I order a case of Abena's, the writing on the box is covered up with thick brown kraft packing tape, so the only thing visible is the blue...
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    I'm very happy about this, since Agecomfort is my regular supplier of diapers. They ship from Concord, not London though.
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    2014 Upgraded Dry 24/7's

    It now makes this clear on the order page, that they only ship to Canada. As a Canadian, this is great, agecomfort has had terrific service to me in the past so having them carry dry24/7 will be handy. I don't feel that bad for American customers, I assume there will be plenty of places for you...
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    My Night Skiing

    Since the other threads about Skiing diapered have closed and the season isn't over, I thought I would start a new one with the story of how my night went. The thought of skiing in diapers had always seemed awesome to me, and things finally aligned tonight. The hill I went to is about 45...
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    Canada Post discretion (help from my fellow Canadians?)

    You need to call the local UPS Store and not the 1-800-PICK-UPS number. Stores are usually franchised and make their own rules, and will accept packages from other shippers when you do this (Canada Post). - - - Updated - - - A possible excuse is that they also own Busy Bee Tools, and it may be...
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    Agecomfort advice (HELP, Canadians?)

    On the Credit Card thing, Age Comfort processes their cards through an actual POS terminal by manually keying in the number, like a store will do when the stripe doesn't work. This means the name on the card doesn't matter. Shipping has always been fast for me, 2-3 days.
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    New to stuffers but so far I like them

    I sometimes use the Abri-Let Maxis with an M4 and it is an imposing combination. They barely fit between the leak guards side to side and are have to be tucked under the leak guards at the ends where they fold in. They do help the absorption quite a bit though, especially wicking to the front...
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    biking in diapers

    A few weeks ago I went for a diapered ride on my mountain bike. I went after dark and just rode around town for a couple of hours at a leisurely pace. I wore an Abena M4 with an Abri-Let Maxi Pad in it and some PUL plastic panties over that in case the movement lead to any leaks. I was certainly...
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    Diapers aviable in Canada

    Age Comfort is my usual supplier in Canada, since they carry Abena. Ships Canada Post from Concord, ON and is cheaper than B4NS. Free shipping over a certain amount too.
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    Hey Canadians! Agecomfort vs. B4NS

    Shipping to the Sault should be pretty quick, maybe a day longer than my order but that all depends. I have a friend who has a TD INTERAC / VISA Debit combo card that they say sometimes works online and sometimes doesn't. Pay-Pal would just process it as a credit card (VISA) transaction, so it...
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    Yep. A/P is Air Plus, or cloth backed. Original is plastic film.
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    Based on your other threads, you're talking about, which sells Abena M4 in A/P and Original. The difference is cloth backed or plastic.
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    Hey Canadians! Agecomfort vs. B4NS

    Hey, I was in the EXACT same situation as you just a couple of weeks ago. I ordered form agecomfort and wrote about my experiences here: I also live in residence in Ontario and get my...
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    Ordering and wearing Abena M4 for the first time from - Canada

    I did have some clumping issues when I put my legs together, and where the padding gets wider at the front the edges it had clumped and fallen down a bit. It was probably the biggest issue I experienced, but didn't seem to compromise the integrity of the diaper much. The standing leak guards...
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    Ordering and wearing Abena M4 for the first time from - Canada

    Hello all, This is my first post on ADISC and I created an account just so I could share my experiences shopping at I would have posted in an existing thread but all of the relevant ones are closed so here's a new one. After trying some Depends last summer in the privacy of my...