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    whats the most number of diapers you have worn at one time

    So a few days ago I decided to add another diaper layer on. I enjoyed it. The extra padding made definitely aware that I was padded. Then I got a wild butt up my hair and added a 3rd diaper. How nice and thick I feel that I have waddle a bit to walk
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    dl vs ab

    how many of you out there are more just for diapers not the whole baby side of things? i consider myself more a diaper lover, but sometimes i wonder. and maybe even more. i did my ex wife dress me in her clothes and do my make up. it was alot of fun. i would say that i might even let another...
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    who has not worked up the courage to finally wear a diaper
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    its hard to wet

    i have been trying to relax and enjoy the feeling of a wet diaper, but i have been having a hard time starting the flow and keeping the flow going once i start any tips or will it just become easier.
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    first night back in diapers

    so after trying cheap walgren brand diaper just wetting it and leaking i went out and got depends. much much better. i wet about 3 times before to bed and did not leak. then i chugged some pop and wow did i wet the thing even more. i gotta say depends our nice.
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    gotta love it

    so i have been into diapers for as long as i can remember. never have i tried to wear them. for awhile now i love the sight of a cute woman with a padded behind. but tonite for one reason or another i went out and got a pack of adult diapers. i put it on and now i am in love with the feeling. i...
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    first time

    hey everyone. so i decided to wear a diaper for the first time tonite. gotta say im loving it. i bought the walgrens store brand, i think big mistake. i decided to wet it and it leaked :( i am abt 240lbs any suggestions for diapers that i can get at the store that have tapes that will be better...