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    Worst Diaper Peeves?

    Worst diaper peeve? It not being accepted by society. Why should I feel its something to hide??
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    Using Tena Ultimate pad - sticky side toward body - HOW TO

    This seems like a lot of fun to try when I have my next day off. What do you feel are the benefits of placing your penis into the pad? It must be an interesting expierence.
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    How did everyone work up the courage to buy diapers for themselves?

    I think its just like jumping into a pool, you know its going to be a cold shock at first but after you will enjoy yourself. One of the first diapers I bought were the depends maximum fitted protection (the older kind that was plastic and had 6 tapes) I was around 16 at the time. Now I don't...
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    Diapers and Underwear

    I wear when I am about my daily business. (Work, errands, leisure) since its getting warmer out I've been trying different things. I'll wear tight exercise pants or light long john pants/thermal pants over them and under regular panta because I can pull them up high enough so if my shirt rides...
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    :grouphug::cool::worshippy: just wanted some color in post :cool::laugh::pizza: Well a little about me: I currently live in Brooklyn and don't think ill be moving anytime soon, although it is overstimulating in NYC sometimes! I love music!! Listening and making it. I am always searching for...