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    big question

    So i have a friend who's into the furry thing but not exactly the baby or diapered furries so would this group help him or no? also a side question..... How did you get started with this??? Thanks love from tyty20
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    yay im excited

    so i talked to my hubby and he said that maybe tonight i can get my first bobo (pacifier) and a bottle :) my first ones since opening up about my interest :) im so excited i really hope i can get them tonight :) when did you get your first ones ? what color were they ? ill try to post pics...
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    hello! i am a new member to this site. i..well im not really sure what to call my self but i lean more towards adultbaby. i guess i have been for a long time and just never knew what to call it. i was always ashamed and embarrassed so i never told anyone. i am married for almost 2years now. and...