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  1. NinjaRider

    Double tape?

    I am currently in a Molicare and just noticed that it has double tapes on it. A blue one and a white one that says Molicare on it, and they are both sticky. Now is the point of the second one for retapping it later to get it tight or is it so you can easily take it off and roll it up?
  2. NinjaRider

    Molicare Classic Plus

    So I found a local pharmacies that sells Molicare. I don't know if the classic plus is the only kind they sell, I should have asked. I bought them anyway because I'm off work tomorrow because of a foot of snow coming in tonight. Man these diapers are thin as hell, and they only hold about 1.5-2...
  3. NinjaRider

    Thinking of telling girlfriend

    Like the title says I'm thinking about telling my girlfriend tonight. I don't believe she will mind as long as it doesn't hurt anybody. Though I don't believe it will mean she will want to join in. I'm kinda scared. I'll let you know what she says tomorrow or if I punk out
  4. NinjaRider

    College football

    Sorry this thread is about COLLEGE FOOTBALL, screw the pros, But with college football just weeks away. I figured we needed somewhere to talk about Who is everybodies favorite team? Who's gonna win the BCS? OK discuss now. lol Favorite team I bleed Husker red. GO BIG RED! BCS champ is either...
  5. NinjaRider

    Depends diaper booster where are you?

    I went into Wally World today try and find some Depends Boosters because in a quick fix they work pretty good. I have also never tried any others. I couldn't find any so I went into a different grocery store and still couldn't find them. I could find the mens guard but they aren't the same. Do...
  6. NinjaRider

    Terminator. Who's seen it?

    Has anybody seen the new Terminator movie? My friends are lame and haven't seen it yet so I haven't heard much about it. If you have seen it lemme know what you thought
  7. NinjaRider

    Buying off Ebay?

    I was wondering what is everybodies experience with buying diaper products off of ebay. I've heard different stuff from different people. Some would never do it others love it.
  8. NinjaRider

    Tattoos and Adult Babies

    What is everybodies opinion on tattoos and *Bs? I don't know if any one else is a collector of fine body art. I myself have ten of them. The other day though I was changing into a diaper and I looked down at me leg and was looking at tattoo that clearly is not covered. Well it got me thinking...
  9. NinjaRider

    Hi from the midwest

    Hi everybody. I ahve been on here a couple of time but did not post an intro so here it goes. I'm a 21/m, from Nebraska. I have been wearing diapers since i was about the age of sixteen, don't really remember how I stumbled upon ppl wearing them but I did. I do remember the first time I bought a...
  10. NinjaRider

    Any Ab/dl's in Nebrasak area

    I apologize if this is the wrong spot to post this but i did do a searcha nd found that nobody had posted it. I live in Omaha and was wondering if there are any nebraska/iowa Ab/Dls out there. if there is a better place to search for this let me know and again i apologize for using up thread space