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  1. NinjaRider

    Abena Plus?

    I really enjoyed the Abena X-plus, but the main reason I won't be ordering them again is the smell protection.
  2. NinjaRider

    Sitting in diapers

    I have actually never had much of a problem. If anything its just walking around all day for ne.
  3. NinjaRider

    Nylon Track Pants

    It's funny you bring that up. Right now I'm wearing my first ever Abena, and track pants. I have to agree they work great.
  4. NinjaRider

    Double tape?

    Thank you very much everybody for the help in answering my question.
  5. NinjaRider

    Double tape?

    I am currently in a Molicare and just noticed that it has double tapes on it. A blue one and a white one that says Molicare on it, and they are both sticky. Now is the point of the second one for retapping it later to get it tight or is it so you can easily take it off and roll it up?
  6. NinjaRider

    Med Supplie Stores

    I would have to agree with you. I have one over by me and the staff is very helpful.
  7. NinjaRider

    pooping while sitting down

    You know the few times I have tried pooping in my diaper I have never thought of this. I know how I'm going to go next time. :)
  8. NinjaRider

    Favorite Family Guy episode or line

    After finding out meg is pregnant. Peter holds up a wire hanger, walks over to her and says "Alright meg its time for me to get that thing out." She looks at him and he replies "My coat you're laying on it and I don't want it to wrinkle." It's one of the first times I have went OMG did they...
  9. NinjaRider

    She wasn't lying there was cake and everybody else just ate it before you could get there

    She wasn't lying there was cake and everybody else just ate it before you could get there
  10. NinjaRider

    Molicare Classic Plus

    Yeah I could believe that I actually got 40 in one bag for twenty bucks. I ended up dong some diaper surgery and stuffing 3 diapers worth of stuffing into one and it held a lot. I thought I was going to break through the plastic. They are better than depends but they are the super models which...
  11. NinjaRider

    Molicare Classic Plus

    So I found a local pharmacies that sells Molicare. I don't know if the classic plus is the only kind they sell, I should have asked. I bought them anyway because I'm off work tomorrow because of a foot of snow coming in tonight. Man these diapers are thin as hell, and they only hold about 1.5-2...
  12. NinjaRider

    Maybe "problem" solved

    Damn why does everybody have to jump on every story that comes out and say bull shit? Maybe it's because I haven't been around enough which is more than likely true, but give people a chance.
  13. NinjaRider

    Safe amount of time to stay in messy diapers

    On the rare occasion that I do poop myself I tend to get about twenty minutes. Then whole damn factor kicks in. Knowing that I have to clean myself.
  14. NinjaRider

    Thinking of telling girlfriend

    I'm sorry guys to tell you that I did not tell her about. I punked out. Congrats though on those of you who were able and it turned out well.
  15. NinjaRider

    Thinking of telling girlfriend

    Like the title says I'm thinking about telling my girlfriend tonight. I don't believe she will mind as long as it doesn't hurt anybody. Though I don't believe it will mean she will want to join in. I'm kinda scared. I'll let you know what she says tomorrow or if I punk out
  16. NinjaRider

    My friend caught me red handed

    I want pictures. Oops that is for a wrong kind of post. I'm kidding though just playing off the other people. That's really cool she is excepting like that, and didn't freak. Also congrats on having a great friend like that.
  17. NinjaRider

    Disposables and plastic pants

    +1 To what everyone else is saying. Plastic pants help a lot with minor leaks.
  18. NinjaRider

    The American Red Cross Is Homophobic

    It also says that you can't if you have lived in England for three years or more during the nineties, and I believe the same with Africa, Also you can't if you receive a piercing or tattoo within in the past year. Like many have said they do it to protect themselves. The only reason they wait so...
  19. NinjaRider

    wetting before sleeping

    I don't because I'm kinda scared of getting a rash even though I know it won't happen. I may have to do that the next time the girlfriend doesn't stay the night.
  20. NinjaRider

    Adult Footie Pajamas in other stores.

    Are the ones at other stores actually made for adults or am I going to have to go find them in the kids section like at Target?