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  1. BayB8

    a New Friend

    Hey guys, It's been a while since I have posted anything here, but I had something crazy happen last night. Yesterday at work, I got to talking with someone that was working with me about stuffies and scentsy buddies and such. After a good 30min conversation I was pretty sure, based off things...
  2. BayB8

    Thumb to Paci advice

    Hey guys, So I have always sucked my thumb. It always helps me get comfortable and tired and helps me sleep. Out of all my quirks it's the one thing that drives my wife nuts. Sometimes I make rather loud sucking noises and I really notice but she can't stand it. She doesn't mind the Paci...
  3. BayB8

    How to sleep with Pacifier

    Hey guys, I was wondering how I get used to sleeping with a pacifier? Is it just do it kinda thing or is there anything I can do to help. Both with sleeping with a pacifier or trying to sleep with a diaper on, I can't get to sleep. Most the time it's just my brain can't stop focusing on it...
  4. BayB8

    Trying something new

    Hey guys I need some advice, So tonight my wife and I will be the second time that I have little time when she's with me.. The first time was okay but it was awkward cuz we didnt really know what to expect and tonight its the same.. She isnt used to being around me regressed or even when I'm...
  5. BayB8

    I might have found my answer to Why?

    Hey guys, I wanted to get your guy's opinion on something. Some people say that being ABDL is sometimes caused by a trauma or abuse of some sort, but thats not true for everyone. I have asked myself this and my fiance has asked if I thought something might have happened or some trauma that...
  6. BayB8

    One small step for Us, one giant leap for our relationship

    Hey guys, I wannted to share a pretty big step that my fiance and I took the other day. Over the couple years, my fiance has been slowly getting used to me being ABDL. She got used to me occasionally wearing diapers when she wants around, but things got ramped up recently when I started to...
  7. BayB8

    There is (still) a baby in my bed

    Hey guys, I just read a post and people were talking about this book. about There is a baby in my bed. I noticed it wasnt on Kindle but There is still a baby in My bed was. Are these two different books or are they the same. The descriptions are the same...
  8. BayB8

    Wetting at Night

    Hey guys, I know there are a few on this topic already, but this one might be a tad different. A lot of people ask how to start wetting at night and wake up wet. Most of the responses are, just keep wearing at night and it will eventually happen. My situation: I never get to wear when I go...
  9. BayB8

    Weighted Blankets.. Thinking about convincing my GF about getting one

    Ever since I was little I always like, and slept better when I had pressure on my legs and feet as I slept. When I was younger I would take and extra pillow or two and place them on my feet. I liked it. I still do that every once and a while. I was thinking about looking into getting one but...
  10. BayB8

    Tshirt and a Diaper

    For the first time I am wearing nothing but a tshirt and a diaper. I usually wear pants or something over, but for some reason I just want to lose the pants today. I'm currently cleaning my house in nothing but a diaper and a tshirt and It feels good! :)
  11. BayB8

    Messing in the car, smell?

    Has anyone ever had an issue when messing a diaper in the car or messing then getting into a car, does the smell stay in the car? Can you not really smell it at all? Would it some into the seats?
  12. BayB8

    AB mentioned in the Incredibles??

    I was watching the incredibles and a scene go me thinking. Towards the beginning when the kids are fighting at the table and they are arguing about being normal, Vi says, "The only one here that's normal is Jack Jack and he is still in diapers" Dash responds under his breath "Lucky". His...
  13. BayB8

    Lord of the Rings Online

    Hey Guys, I'm thinking about getting back into playing LOTRO and was wondering if anyone here played. Did or still do.. I did back when Riders of Rohan came out. But stopped shortly after and now want to poke my head back in to see the changes and play some more.
  14. BayB8

    Abena M4 Question

    is Abena Abri-Form M4 Fitted Brief, Medium, 14 Count the same as Abena Abri-Form Briefs, X-Plus, Medium, Case/42 (3/14s). I bought a pack of the 14 count M4s and I LOVE the. I wanted to get a case but the only case on amazon says x-plus. is there a difference or are they the same? they use...
  15. BayB8

    Cinnamon Bun Oreos are the New DUNKAROOS

    Guys!! You have to try the new Cinnamon Bun Oreos!! They are so good! I saw an advertisement online, or a blog about them but wasn't ever sure if it was legit but when I went into work today, they were finally there!! I searched the cookie isle just about every week until I found them!! They...
  16. BayB8

    New Keyboard

    I just go my new Crosair K70 Key board. Haven't used it much but its pretty awesome so far. It had textured WASD and 1-6 keys for MMO and FPS games.. ITs pretty cool.
  17. BayB8

    Diapered in public for the first time

    Today is the first time I ever wore a diaper in public. Sitting in Costco right now as I wait for my winter tires to get put on. I decided today was the day I would wear out of the house! :D I don't care what people think, if they can tell or not... I'm happy!
  18. BayB8

    So I ordered my first pacifier the other day from Pacifiers r us, just curious how long it takes them before they ship it? Hasn't been too long I'm just curious
  19. BayB8

    The annoying part about diapers

    So I just got my first package of Abena M4. This is my second time actually buying good diapers. First time was when I bought a few sample packs of Bambinos. I must say I think I like M4 much better though. I don't know what it is but they just seem to feel better. Anyway, I think the most...
  20. BayB8

    NUK Pacifier Comparison Help

    I am interested in trying a pacifier and have been poking around the site to see which one people suggest. It seems NUK 5 or 6 is the most common. I'm just not sure which I should get. I looked them both up on amazon and Nuk 5 seemed to be pretty inexpensive $12.99, but then the Nuk 6 was like...