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  1. mayeyeplease

    Limited Edition Rearz Diaper

    Those are the “Bright Dayz” diaper!!!!
  2. mayeyeplease

    ebay store

    Well I’ll be grabbing a case of betterdry Wednesday!!
  3. mayeyeplease

    Can i get abu diapers in a store?

    Personal Care in Fort Wayne , IN is the only place I know of. I’d love to open a shop here in MO.
  4. mayeyeplease

    ebay store

    Will people actually pay $8 for a pack of 2 diapers? If so I’m going to start selling sample packs for $6!!!!
  5. mayeyeplease

    BetterDry diapers need US distributor!

    I’m pretty sure that Personal Care in Fort Wayne, IN stocks these. They sent me some in a sample pack.
  6. mayeyeplease

    How do I tell my girlfriend about beeing a DL?!

    I told my girl on our first date. I just explained the reasoning in great detail. She will either understand or she won't. But if she truly loves you then she will want to at least try and understand as much as she possibly can.
  7. mayeyeplease

    Little For Big getting diapers?

    There are only two tapes per side
  8. mayeyeplease

    How to stop diaper tabs from ripping plastic?

    Get you some white duck tape and place that in the landing zone first. Problem solved!!
  9. mayeyeplease

    Is there a need for a brick/mortar store in ST. Louis area

    There is not a store here or anywhere close that has quality products. There are a few medical supply shops but nothing compares to Personal Care. She carries Tena, ABU, Rearz, conficare, and all the abdl supplies you could ask for. I think there is a need for people with problems to see the...
  10. mayeyeplease

    Is there a need for a brick/mortar store in ST. Louis area

    I know there is Personal Care in Fort Wayne but is there a need for a store closer to St. Louis? My gf says the way I explain different diaper types and brands would be benificial to customers. She works with in home patience that need protection and ALL of them are using cheap ineffective...
  11. mayeyeplease

    Most weirdest of places you ever peed.

    I wet all the time while looking my boss dead in his eyes!!!! Most of the time I try to disengage so I can go off to a private part of the warehouse but he is a talker.
  12. mayeyeplease

    Ever heard of EGOSAN?

    I saw an ad on craigslist for 1/2 a case of egosan breifs for $30. I've never heard of them tho so don't know if it's worth it.
  13. mayeyeplease

    When Pharmacies invade your privacy

    I've got to the point now that I'll admit they are for me. I don't care if I'm judged or whatever. Most people assume it's because I need them and change the subject. I've only had one or two people ask about my needing them and I just keep it very vague. In a sense I do need them for comfort. I...
  14. mayeyeplease

    Sample pack

    So I just got some sample packs from Personal Care in Fort Wayne, IN. The problem I'm having is the diapers aren't labeled. I'm planning on eventually doing reviews. My girlfriend (who wasn't into diapers before we met) says I'd be really good at explaining the +\- of different diapers and could...
  15. mayeyeplease

    Diaper Hoarder

    I would love to buy some of those old goodnites!!!! Your sitting on a gold mine!!!!
  16. mayeyeplease

    Brand New Depends Products!

    Are you implying that Depend has produced a product that lacks features or doesn't do what they say it should do?....That hasn't happened ever ;-)
  17. mayeyeplease

    Brand New Depends Products!

    Incontinence Products & Supplies for Incontinent Women | Depend® Brand The description states that it has slip resistan backing
  18. mayeyeplease

    What parties have you been too? example Diaperfesst

    I wish I could find a meet or party close :-(
  19. mayeyeplease

    Do you ever feel little/AB when you get sick?

    Last time I had the flu all I wanted to do is sleep in a diaper and a....diaper :-)
  20. mayeyeplease

    What could this pain be when peeing/holding pee?

    I would say it means it's time for a check up ;-)