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  1. nappiebutt1993

    What is the best all-white diaper?

    If you guys love comficare, Foresite is the closest thing to it ive found since they became betterdy!
  2. nappiebutt1993

    Why are abdl/printed diapers so fricken expensive??

    40 Dollars for 10 diapers is quite expensive! Is that in USD? Here a pack of ABDL diapers is about 25 USD / 20 GBP. I thought they would have been cheaper over there! The most expensive nappies ive ever bought is Aww so cute at ~ 3.8 Euros per diaper, when they used to ship to ABDLFactory.
  3. nappiebutt1993

    Diaper/ poop substitutes?

    @Diaperedgirl If you do not like the smell of poo, ive tried shaving cream. It feels really nice! You could try controlling diet to reduce smells if you really want to try it. But the smell of poo is just something you have to be prepared for like the smell of pee also. I have heard of people...
  4. nappiebutt1993

    Wearing underwear over diapers?

    I use trunks, and usually if you have a diaper with thick enough plastic jeans will not be a problem unless wearing for an extended period. Sometimes it does leak between the legs but its mostly due to moisture buildup and doesnt really smell much worse than general sweat from my experience...
  5. nappiebutt1993

    Feeling discouraged about leaking while lying down

    Whenever i am wetting during the night i lay on my back for about five minuites so the pee soaks down towards the bum. If you are a male, ensure your nozzle is pointing as down as it could be too!. I also wet slowly to ensure it properly soaks in and doesnt soak up to the waistband at the front...
  6. nappiebutt1993

    Totally unrelated things that you associate with nappies

    For some reason there is a perfume or body spray that some girls wear that reminds me of baby powder. For that reason it makes me think of diapers.
  7. nappiebutt1993

    2 tape diapers?

    Best thing is to get a sample pack and try em. Personally i dont like the fit as if you have certain anatomy that may make it difficult to tape a single one correct. I just feel the two tapes make it much easier to get a secure fit around my legs and waist.
  8. nappiebutt1993

    School accidents?

    I had a simmilar accident in first grade (Primary 1 in the UK) too, i asked to go and the teacher constantly said no. I told her i was bursting. I eventually peed my pants. Luckily it was only infront of one girl and not an entire classroom. I was so embarrased! The teacher later told my mother...
  9. nappiebutt1993

    Not worn tena in a while but???

    I probably feel this way with all the premiums i usually wear :ROFLMAO: They are still good but not "perfect".... Im such a spoiled bratt!
  10. nappiebutt1993

    Not worn tena in a while but???

    I have not worn tena in a while, but is it just me or have they went really down hill with their PE backed nappies? Just thought i would try the tena ultima now i can get em in PE backed. It feels like if i squat i am going to tear a hole right up the back of the butt! Don't get me wrong they...
  11. nappiebutt1993

    Is there any difference between Bambino Belissimo, Classico and Teddy?

    The teddies are to die for! I wished the done an all over print with teddies like the older fabines! I kinda like their new magnifico, so poofy and cute :D
  12. nappiebutt1993

    Is there any difference between Bambino Belissimo, Classico and Teddy?

    Are there any real differences between these nappies other than their pattern? The last time i had all three i couldnt tell a difference?
  13. nappiebutt1993

    Feeling guilty about wearing diapers dealing with IBS

    I agree with what most of the folks are saying here, if you have a medical need, then you should have much less shame of being found out than most of us do! And i agree, even though you have a fetish for it just remember that you are not hurting anyone with it!
  14. nappiebutt1993

    Do you poop your diaper purposely?

    I do occasionally, i dont sit around in it but i do love the naughty child like rush it gives me!
  15. nappiebutt1993

    So i was out yesterday

    Depends on how poofy or obvious it looked???
  16. nappiebutt1993

    So what's everyone do for a living?

    Games Developer / Software Engineer, Atleast that is what my degree is in and i work as the latter at the moment. Just starting my career!!
  17. nappiebutt1993

    What is this diaper?

    I concur with all other posters, Molicare Super Plus.
  18. nappiebutt1993

    Do we really "need" diapers that can hold several liters?

    Its the thickness i like, nothing worse than feeling like wearing a wet soggy napkin after a few dribbles or sitting in it for an hour as the padding begins to compress!
  19. nappiebutt1993

    I'm Andrew :) Hey!

    Eeeeey! being a vanilla orientation is only as boring as you make it! That's why I have this fetish :D Too many people dont experiment. I congratulate you on joining the community and im on the same boat as you, ive just started to make the transition into the community after being an ABDL for...
  20. nappiebutt1993

    Dipping My Toe In

    Congratulations on finally coming out and wanting to explore this side of you! I have to say it is the best thing i ever done when i was younger! I totally had the same experience that you had with butterflies and anticipation and wetting does take some getting used to! Just take it easy and you...