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  1. hanzertas

    Faked out by Amazon listing

    So I got real excited that I could get these super cute paw patrol undies in a Boys size 18 ... but turns out its 18M as in 18 months! Grr ... Good thing I double checked before ordering.
  2. hanzertas

    Hard to find vintage diapers you want in your collection?

    Does anyone have a diaper that they are just dying to own a pack of? For me it's the Early 2000's Huggies Supreme right before they went to the Natural Fit. I don't know why I love these so much, I think its because they were around when I was first really developing a super strong love for...
  3. hanzertas

    A Re-Introduction after a 10 year gap in posting

    Hi Everyone! I haven't posted in like 10 years but have been lurking this entire time, figured I'd reset my password and get back on with some of the interesting discussion lately, the new XL goodnites thread made me want to post again. I think I am a day one member of ADISC, I signed up when...
  4. hanzertas

    Coming Soon: Gender-Specific Depends

    New Depends New gender-specific depends diapers. It Seems like a novel concept, interested to see how this plays out, come March.
  5. hanzertas

    Huggies Overnites: Now In Size 6

    Huggies Overnites are being rolled out in Size 6 now, and are avaliable on DrugStore and Amazon. I think they were Walmart Exclusive for a while as a test run, and now are going full. cool nonetheless.
  6. hanzertas

    pampers question

    Do the cruisers have the same iconic smell as the Baby-Dry line?
  7. hanzertas

    back again again

    Back. Looks like things have changed alot in 10 days. How do i get off of this false newbie status? EDIT: hmm...looks like it worked. anyway...
  8. hanzertas

    back again

    Nice to see this up again, at least temporarily. i am 16 years old from the United States, and i like watching TV and eating food. I also have a lot of random knowledge and my favorite website is Wikipedia. I consider myself mostly DL, but i do have a TB side.