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  1. HarryPotter

    Maybe caught!

    I'm a painter and decorator which means I'm quite often working in peoples houses on my own while they are out. This means I can happily work fully nappied up and sucking on my dummy (currently having my lunch and sitting in a very full nappy). The other day I was in my little space, sucking...
  2. HarryPotter

    Real night time wetting

    We'll for the first time ever I woke up this morning in a completely soaking nappy. I don't always wear at night as my wife is not so happy with my little side. I have a very rare sleeping disorder which means I sleep around 19 hours a day without very strong medication. The only thing that has...
  3. HarryPotter

    Unexpected little time

    Today I visited my disabled sister along with my two children. We went to the pub in her Motability Mercedes van and I was in the back. The particular seat I had was really high, so high my legs were dangling. This never happens to my as I'm 5'10", I felt so little, I even managed a good suck of...
  4. HarryPotter

    High Chair

    Today I was in Ikea and they had a bar stool that looked and felt like a high chair. With a couple of modifications I think it could be done. I live in the Uk but it's not on their website but here's the link to the US one: The photo dose not...
  5. HarryPotter

    Today is a sort of sad day

    I've been putting it off to in the end today I decided my beloved bunny had to have a wash. So I'm now lying in bed and my bunny is outside on the washing line. It feels so different not to have him with me so my Classic Winnie the Pooh is standing in but it's not the same.
  6. HarryPotter

    Doing diy

    Today was a happy day for me as my wife took the kids out so I could put some floorboards down in the attic. So as soon as they were out it was on with a goodnight pullup, a adult pullup and a nice nappy. It was finished off with a pair of steel toecaped boots. I just love to be able to work...
  7. HarryPotter


    I went to the pub tonight in my DryNites. I made the mistake of not changing before going out as they were already a bit wet. Let's just say I'm glad I was wearing black trousers as was sporting a couple of half moons on my backside!
  8. HarryPotter

    Planning a long little weekend

    So half term is coming up and my wife is taking the kids to the Mother-in-Laws. She knows about my nappies but not how far I take it. This leaves me at home so I'm planning to have as much little timer as possible. I have my baby grows, nappies, Johnsons baby powder, dummy, sippy cup & my...
  9. HarryPotter

    Do your kids know?

    My 8 year old son today asked me do adults wear nappies? So I said yes some people do need them when they are adults for lots of different reasons. So he then asks me "do you wear them?"!! Help I thought, has he found my stash or seen the bulky outline. I've always been careful around my two...
  10. HarryPotter


    As much as I'm I like the idea of footed pj's I find them way to hot. I have a pair of Angry Birds t-shirt and bottoms but there not little enough for me. Does anyone know where I could find in the UK so toddler'ish ones?
  11. HarryPotter

    Turning 40

    Well I'm turning 40 at the end of the week but really I'm 3. The only people who know are me, my bunny and you. My wife knows about my love of nappies and has a hard time excepting that but still thinks I must have 'Issues' and would like me to see someone. So I don't think it would be wise to...
  12. HarryPotter

    Family Visiting

    So my dad has come for a long weekend and I've had to hide my stash as he doesn't know and wouldn't understand. So think I can last that long but then tonight he says he's staying u till the following Friday when my sister is coming to stay for the weekend! So that's 11 days with been unable to...
  13. HarryPotter

    Wearing while at work

    Today I felt like wearing at work. I'm self employed and today's job was installing some drainage in a clients driveway. Well it's now lunch time and the nappy has nicely swollen up after several wettings. I have no idea if my client has spotted it or not. I am wearing a romper vest so there's...
  14. HarryPotter

    Lost & Found

    I'm interested it what other people do when they find a Dummy / Paci in the street. Do you: a) leave it where it is? b) pick it up and put it somewhere obvious? c) take it to the nearest lost property? d) pick it up secretly and pop it in your pocket and can't wait to get home and try it out...
  15. HarryPotter

    Holiday woes

    So I've gone on a family holiday with my wife and kids and I thought that I would try 10 days without wearing. So I packed 10 pairs of big boy pants. 7 days in and I'm really missing it so off to Tesco's and all I could get was 'Tesco Free Spirit Pants'. When I got back to the holiday cottage I...
  16. HarryPotter

    Mobile/Cell phone ringtone

    This past week I've discovered that I had on my phone a ringtone that really sounded like a baby mobile. So I set as my ringtone and I love it as when my phone ring it's usually in boring adult time and so it whisks me off to a happier fun place.
  17. HarryPotter

    Dummy Paci sucking

    I'm laying in bed watching YouTube in my short pj's with 3 nappys on and sucking on Mt favorite nuk5 dummy with a powder blue ribbon and clip with bumble bees on it and it's been a happy two hours. I was wondering how long to you suck your dummy for in one go?
  18. HarryPotter

    Are they little

    Yesterday a staff member who I get on with quite well in place where I do a lot of work turned up in a very cute pair of shortalls. Now all I can think about is are they a little? I'm very tempted when I next go there to 'accidently' show the top of my nappy. What do you think?
  19. HarryPotter


    Tonight feels like a pull-ups x3 sort of night. I do like it when your legs don't close properly. What do you like to wear to bed?
  20. HarryPotter


    Often when trying to get a good fit with my nappy the tabs can pull clean off. Also after a while they can slip and it all comes loose. Are there any products that can keep my nappy nice and tight?