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  1. RPcat18

    Lucky Nappy Pack sizing?

    Hi folk, I haven’t posted in ages but had some great new developments in my life (an amazing accepting partner for one) so I’m actually getting to try proper diapers for the first time. I’ve went for NappiesRUs Lucky pack to have a try of a few things and I was wondering if anyone had tips on...
  2. RPcat18

    Important Tip For When Peeing In the Shower

    To feel little quite allot of folk pee in the shower. I made a bit of a mistake recently when doing so that caused me to almost get caught. It's a really simple thing but something that can be easily forgotten. MAKE SURE THE DRAIN ISN'T BLOCKED! I went for a shower just there and started to...
  3. RPcat18

    Bath Time

    Hi folks just had a rather nice bath. At Christmas my aunt bought me some rubber ducks and I only just had a chance to try them. It was nice and made bathtime feel allot more babyish. What do you do when it comes to bathtimes to feel little?
  4. RPcat18

    Do you feel like there is less good AB/DL sites now?

    I feel like online there isn't nearly as many good sites for making friends who are into this as there used to be. Diaper space, although somewhat creepy, seemed like one of the best, or at least it was for me. Now it seems like the only good sites are daily diaper, this site and diapered anime...
  5. RPcat18

    Would you date an AB?

    Hi folks I was just wondering how you all feel about dating other ABs. Obviously if you are an AB yourself you wouldn't mind their fetish/comfort and you would be able to talk to them about it but would you be ok with someone else having such a submissive fetish/ comfort. That is kinda is issue...
  6. RPcat18

    Tried Fetlife

    Hi I just made a fetlife account to see what the site was like as I heard there was a rather large age play community on there but to be honest I am not a fan. Five seconds after I made my account my screen was covered in genitalia. I know it's a sexual site but am I the only one that wishes for...
  7. RPcat18

    New Cat In Town

    Hello there everyone. I'm Cat...well not really but I'm paranoid about people finding out about my little kink/ comfort and Cat is cute, easy to remember and not too far off my real name so it's not weird. So just call me Cat and here is a little bit about me for anyone who is interested...