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  1. Goodnitesripper

    Your favorite brand of underwear?

    If i dont have diapers, then its fruit of loom.
  2. Goodnitesripper

    How did everyone work up the courage to buy diapers for themselves?

    I just say it for my brother and he needs them. The cashier says ok. i usualy go after school.
  3. Goodnitesripper

    Do you prefer peeing or pooping in your diaper better?

    i leke peeing because its easer to clean
  4. Goodnitesripper

    New 8-15 Drynites in UK

    they look awesome. when they will be in store?
  5. Goodnitesripper

    My First Post

    me it was because of my betwetting and i took some of my little brothers diaper and i felt in love with diaper....
  6. Goodnitesripper

    whats the most exotic place you've wanted to go in a diaper?

    i went to disney land with my friends in a diaper. it was quite good trip and i didnt needed to go to the washroom line but my friend did. They asked me if i weared a diaper because i didnt got to the washroom... you should try it.
  7. Goodnitesripper

    My First Post

    i saw ur name asianDL are you asian because i am Chinese :D
  8. Goodnitesripper

    Did you get pranked or prank someone for April fools?

    i pranked others with mentos and coke and the household hackers prank. it was sooo funny :P
  9. Goodnitesripper

    Well guys, I just got found out.

    my mom discovered me and she said it was ok if i clean up after my self when i finished my diaper and if the house doesnt smell horrible. When she saw them, just explain her the truth and it will go okay.
  10. Goodnitesripper

    what should i know for my frist diapers?

    ive got some 2 days before and im very disapointed. theyre pull ups, no leak gard and absorb terrybly. they have 3 items in the box. one small-medium, 1 large-xlarge and i pad for smaller incontience.
  11. Goodnitesripper

    Plastic/rubber pants

    when i wear diapers and i put sometimes some paper to not hurt.
  12. Goodnitesripper

    wearing dog diapers

    Nop i havw a dog and i tryed this and i cant fit in them. Theyre too small
  13. Goodnitesripper

    Would You Prefer to Have Been Born a Girl?

    Yea becuse it would be easier to hide the diapers and easier to wear them.
  14. Goodnitesripper

    depends free samples

    Idk where u live but i leave in canada and i got them by post-canada.
  15. Goodnitesripper

    Baby Pants trainers

    like pull ups?
  16. Goodnitesripper

    YOUR Stash!

    i have unlimited diapers :P My mom have a daycare and since im studying in college i stay at home. The size 7 of pampers fits me well! i also have pull-ups and goodnites for FREE :P. that was my stack.
  17. Goodnitesripper

    new to here

    Hi all, im new to this site and i really love diaper. i still fits in goodnites and there the best diaper i cam find in the stores. :smile: