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  1. thegamer408

    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    I work at a Walmart here in Canada, and we are currently completely sold out of all sizes of GoodNites, both boys and girls. No shipments coming soon according to our system, so this could be in preparation for the new sizes. As for them being available in Canada, they will almost certainly be...
  2. thegamer408

    Pullups 4t-5t vs Goodnites XS sizing - help?

    Bought a pack a few weeks ago because I was curious about their size, turns out they are exactly the same size as the 3T-4T Pull-Ups. Yep, you heard that right, 3T-4T. They are actually smaller than the 4T-5T Pull-Ups.
  3. thegamer408

    my collection of boy's Pull-Ups, in chronological order

    Sorry guys, I know not everyone likes Pull-Ups (or other baby diapers in general), but I'd like to share my collection of various types of Huggies Pull-Ups designs that I have, and would like to make as complete of a collection as would be possible eventually. I'll start with my collection, but...
  4. thegamer408

    Interesting observations on Huggies Pull-Ups (warning: conspiracy theories ahead)

    To be honest, I don't know that they make more of off either Pull-Ups or GoodNites, I'm just going by the price per unit. Prices from Amazon US: NightTime 3T-4T Pull-Ups (60 ct.) Price - $26.49 ($0.44 per diaper) GoodNites XS (44 ct.) Price - $27.99 ($0.64 per diaper) As you can see, the...
  5. thegamer408

    Interesting observations on Huggies Pull-Ups (warning: conspiracy theories ahead)

    To begin, I don't want to start an argument about how adults can't fit into these diapers. This isn't about that. I recently bought a pack of 3T-4T Night-Time Pull-Ups, and I noticed that they were noticeably less thick than I remember them being. Comparing them to my 3T-4T Cool and Learn...
  6. thegamer408

    Who was a diapered bedwetter as a child?

    I still wet the bed off and on, I remember wearing Huggies Pull-Ups until I was around 10-11 years old (I was a really small child, when I was 10 I looked no older than 6 or 7, and my parents were cheapskates), and then GoodNites to the present day. I currently have around a 28 inch waist, and...
  7. thegamer408

    4-5T pull ups, can they fit adults?

    Not unless you're really small. I have a 28" waist, and while I can technically put them on all the way, they definitely don't fit me properly. They are fun to wear though, you just have to have realistic expectations (they probably won't even hold one full wetting from a normal adult-sized...
  8. thegamer408

    Everyone’s favorite word for diaper?

    Pull-Ups (even if they are pampers or goodnites) or just diapers. Not British but I have to admit that nappies/nappy is really cute!
  9. thegamer408

    Post-micturation dribbling

    Does anyone here have any experience with PMD? I've been experiencing something like that for a few years now, and I'm kinda worried about it progressing into full-blown incontinence. A few years ago, my thighs started getting chafed around the edges of my underwear, and I didn't really think...
  10. thegamer408

    Which era goodnites are these and where can I find more?

    Pretty sure those are from 2010 IIRC. Last design before they switched to the (current?) skateboard/helicopter designs. Best place to look would probably be eBay.
  11. thegamer408

    What is the worst song you ever heard in your life?

    Rebecca Black - Friday
  12. thegamer408

    ASDA Day and Night Pants

    Nope, take a closer look at rule #4. It clearly states that you have to be at least 18 years old to join the site.
  13. thegamer408

    My WeePee NICU diaper. Pampers preemie for comparison.

    Geez, those are tiny!
  14. thegamer408

    New cars 3 pull ups designs?

    So have these replaced the previous Lion Guard designs?
  15. thegamer408

    Favorite Huggies

    If it counts, the Lion Guard Pull-Ups are my favorite Huggies diaper. Otherwise, I remember liking the Overnights 6, however I haven't found any recently.
  16. thegamer408

    iPhone users

    I have a iPhone SE and a Mac Pro (Mid 2010).
  17. thegamer408

    Biggest Goodnites?

    I would say probably the pre-2003 XL GoodNites, before they redesigned them with the trimmer fit.
  18. thegamer408

    The Lion Guard Pull Ups

    How well would they fit someone with a 32 inch waist?
  19. thegamer408

    The Lion Guard Pull Ups

    These are so cool! I really like the new designs. How long are the new 4T-5T pull-ups? They look quite a bit bigger than the old pull-ups, but I don't think anyone has properly measured them yet.
  20. thegamer408

    New Goodnites design for Girls 2016

    Why are they still keeping the camo design? It's already a 5 year old design, so why not design something else? Although, I would want the S/M prints on the L/XL Goodnites but that probably won't ever happen...