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  1. Jossie

    How do you handle bedwetting?

    I'm a bedwetter, and I use to wear GoodNites. Sometimes they get overfilled when I drink lots of water. Five weeks ago I've overfilled my diaper, and leaked everywhere. I also took a look into cloth diapers but I'm quite unsure about this. What are your advices?
  2. Jossie

    Glowing diaper with UV/blacklight

    Have you ever tried to glow diapers with blacklight? There are parts that shines with this light! Mostly the adhesive will glow, but expect some other parts glowing.
  3. Jossie

    Vintage GoodNites and evolution

    I noticed that many people looks for vintage diapers, but I have a question in mind, what experiences do you have comparing old GoodNites and new ones? Yesterday I bought (a expensive) bag of free sample size L, they were made from 1998-99's. When I give a try they feel a lot different than new...
  4. Jossie


    I'm new to ADISC and it's nice to be part of this community :D A not so brief history: I'm bedwetter & DL. The DL side comes since ever (2-3yo). I remember stealing some diapers of my cousins (yes, at that age! ^^ lol) and trying to putting me on. Many times I got caught, and my aunts and mom...