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    Which type of waste do diapers belong to?

    When it comes to selective waste collection, where do they belong to? Assuming plastic backed diapers. degradable/food unsorted plastic paper Cheers, Thomas
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    Is it OK to wear diapers under swimming trunks in public?

    yeah i got your point
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    Is it OK to wear diapers under swimming trunks in public?

    once again, I would NOT want to wear it in water; only on outside/on the bank when sunbathing and doing other stuff.
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    Is it OK to wear diapers under swimming trunks in public?

    ii did not mean that I would wear diapers In water. I meant to wear them when I'm out having sunbath or just doing stuff outside.
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    Is it OK to wear diapers under swimming trunks in public?

    I'm about to un-train myself (urine), and I'm gathering some information. In case someone is IC, he has to wear diapers basically 24/7, right? Now that means that later on, in summer time when I go out to beach, it also applies there when I am not in water. Probably there will be other people...
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    How bad is it actually when someone gets busted about his diapers?

    I don't do anything besides wearing them. No role play etc. I only try to be like an (urine) incontinent :)
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    How bad is it actually when someone gets busted about his diapers?

    When it is not on purpose. Such as noise under pajamas, or showing at the waist (when bending over). Or perhaps rarely when someone is in the same room as you, and you want to change trousers in a few moments or so and there is no possibility for a changing room. Or when throwing it into the bin...
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    Thick and cheap diapers?

    I can recommend comficare
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    Plastic Backed Abena is back! (Europe)

    I can also comfirm that this site (dreamcare) is reliable, and i have used it several times.
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    Plastic Backed Abena is back! (Europe)

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know, that it seems like that the plastic backed abena is back now. :biggrin: You can get it from Especially finns are lucky due the cheap shipping. I don't know if they post to outside europe, but if you know something about it, comment...
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    How to avoid awkward "smell"

    Those people, how wear it 24/7, how do they manage not to let the others 'smell out ' things in public? I mean, even if I take a shower every evening, perhaps they can feel it when i go somewhere (especially in a room)? What do you think? should powder help maybe?
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    Any experiences about Forma-care Slip X-Plus or Kolibri Comslip Plus?

    Hello, Now that the Plastic Abena is discontinued, they suggested me these two ones. Has anyone heard anything about them ? I tried to google, but didn't get too much information.
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    Rumors are true about Abena ..

    Hello! Maybe you all know it, but id like to confirm it once again. Abena is discontinuing the production of plastic backed diapers. It turned out, when I have ordered the last 2 packs from I've asked them, if it's really true. Here's the answer. Thank you for the order, it will...
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    Difference between plastic/cotton backed Abena

    Hello guys, As you might have heard, abena has discontinued the production of the plastic backed diapers, and now the cotton backed will be on the market. Has anyone tried/experienced the new type? What are the differences between them besides the "material" (loudness,thickness,etc?). Thanks!
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    Maxi insert pads -- How thick are they?

    For example we have this: Online ABDL Store - Maxi insert pads | DreamCare Does anyone have experience how thick these things are? For example, if I use it with diapers, it the difference noticeable if we look from the outside? Or any pictures with-and-without maxipad is also OK if any1 has such
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    Depends Boost

    Great! How much thicker did you get? Is it noticable from outside?
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    Getting diapers in Finland?

    Thanks!They seemg good sites. I've found another place, btw: (obviously for tena products )
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    Getting diapers in Finland?

    Hello all! I am wondering if anyone has an idea from where I can get diapers in Finland? I have seen tena pants in Prisma, but besides that, nothing else..:/ Any shops/websites? I'd be looking for heavier diapers like abena, tena slip and so. Oh, and I live in Oulu :D
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    Where do they get these get diapers?

    What do you mean with boosters and stuffers?
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    Where do they get these get diapers?

    Many times I have seen that there are those pictures (often from 'professional' sites) where there are really kinda thick diapers. Especially I find them on different tumblr pages, btw. Anyway, here's a good example...