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    Has anyone wore a diaper to the doctor?

    When going to dentist. I have excellent dentist. Best possible work. We are friends from kindergarden and primary school. Always refuse to accept payment. Fillings,crown, implants. All free. Max is to accept payment for some expensive material. But I do not fell comfortable. After several...
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    Novamed, VivaActive, Aidapt and Flufsan - UK

    Viva Active had quite decent capacity. Reseal capability is also very good. If used together with plastic pants, excellent overall performance. Price is also very good. Not so good for proactive longer walk outside house, with tendencybto sratch after 2 hours. For home use during day, excellent.
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    Trying to distinguish between "diaper me" and "me"

    Goal should be making those two one person. In that way things will be even more relaxed. I think so. But everybody is different.
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    diapers and footie pajamas

    For folks from UK try They make onesie on order and by personal specifications.
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    Should I 'allow' my girlfriend to practice diaper changing on me?

    Simply say her after several occasions that you liked and felt OK and that you eill be OK eith occasional diapering. ;)
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    Low Stocks UK

    I moved completely to order through Incontinence choice and incontinence shop. Made some count yesterday and put on Stash tread.
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    YOUR Stash!

    Made count yesterday: 1334 Plastic backed: 927 107 Tena Active Fit Ultima L 121 Tena Active Fit Maxi L 137 Tena Active Fit Plus L 45 Tena Active Fit Maxi M 67 Tena Active Fit Plus M 186 Attends Active Slip M10 6 Attends Regular Plus M10 101 BetterDry L 41 BetterDry M...
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    Low Stocks UK

    I was worried that stocks will go low after brexit. Made some purchasing in last several months. Present stock is well enough for long time
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    How long do you take to diaper up?

    30-60 sec. Depends on type, do I will use powder or cream. Depend also is first diaper or am changing on new one. Also is it outside orat home. At home is more longer, no hurry. In past was longer, but practice will speed up things
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    How to Better Diaper Yourself

    Practice makes you a master. But different diaper sizes and types require different tech. Practice
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    diapers and footie pajamas

    Try jumping jammers
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    Should I 'allow' my girlfriend to practice diaper changing on me?

    Something like that. Bu I think that using medical diapers will be better option in this situation. Folks explained in above comments. End if she likes it , move on next level
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    Do you poop your diaper purposely?

    No. Maybe several times, but it was more testing new type.
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    One word.

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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Tena Flex Plus M
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    Bedwetting memories

    Sometimes. Not regular bedwetter. Usually when had a cold and being tired or stressed. Probably during sleep start to get relaxed. Sound sleeper during most times in childhood. Bedwetting incidents became very rare after 11-12 old age. Even now I sleep quite well. Nowdays usually wear diapers...
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    Diapers During Sleepovers as a Kid

    During sleepovers at my cousin place. He was occasional bedwetter and wore diapers. My aunt put me in diapers and plastic pants when I had cold, tired or stressed. First was always bathed and massaged with oil or cream. Fantastic feeling. Lot of times already sleeping during massage and realise...
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    Was anyone “allowed” to use their nappies on purpose as a child?

    During skiing,ice skating or always in diapers and plastic pants. Overall was taking to long to remove and had accident several times. Until maybe 10-11 years old.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Drylife L