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    Dang it!

    Wasted two Little Pawz today, all because I didn't tape them right, and wouldn't stick. First time, lower right tape was too low, second time, tried taping from right side. Really unhappy cub right now, barely have over 30 left. Those are awfully expensive. So mad, want to throw a tantrum. ><
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    This is going to be a bit scary for me, but...

    What better time than now to come out of the closet? What do you guys think?
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    Told my brother about my diapers.

    After telling my brother I was one of them after my angry reaction to the Steve Harvey show. So, I brought some diapers, over to my dad's, and warned him I was engaging in some kind of fetish. He was confused intitally, but he heard the crinkling in the diaper, he said, oh you like what that...
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    Is there anything better on a Sunday?

    Than to have a shirt and diaper on, and a pacifier in your mouth, lying on the couch? I doubt it!
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    My new pacifiers!

    Sure, they may be small, but in small doses of time, they relax me! :)
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    Theory why I had more energy at work today.

    I think it could be me recently wearing diapers, using baby powder and wipes, as well as my sippy cup. Can getting touch with your little side give you more energy?
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    My new sippy cup! :)

    Rocking my toddler side! :)
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    New to the AB scene.

    I have already got diapers, Sonic bedding, plushies, any recommendations for me to complete my inner baby?
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    Hi, I am Aaron!

    I am a recent college graduate with a general studies degree, minor psychology. I am a big Zelda, Sonic fan, and am mildly autistic, but happy to be a part of the ABDL community. :)