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    So Sad

    No there are not many brands other that Molicare, but they are also clothed an I dont like them. But I guess they will have to do
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    So Sad

    I find my self increadibly sad today I ran out of the last propper nappies I had. No I can't find any properones anywhere. It seems that all of the nice brands Abena, Tena has been discontinued in South Africa and all we are left with are crummy store brands. I know there is nothing anybody...
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    On the other side of the world

    You know what grinds my gears, the fact that it is nearly impossible to get any AB/DL stuff in South Africa. Yeah sure, there is the internet and yes, you can get a lot of stuff there. But they need to ship it almost half way around the world and the shipping costs are extreme as a result...
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    Buying in South Africa - Again.....

    Okey then
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    Buying in South Africa - Again.....

    Hey all, The was a post a few weeks back regarding Abenas in Checkers Medi Rite Pharmacies ( I would just like to know exactly where this was, because i've been in every single one I could find all over...
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    Hi all

    Since this is mandatory here goes: Hey guys, I'm a 24 Y/O diaper lover (oh so much) from South Africa. I started working this year after 5 awesome years at university. I'm here to chat to other people about their experiences and so forth. If you have any question, please feel free to contact...