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    The new Goodnite absorbent inserts

    I was courious, so I picked up a pack of the new goodnite absorbent inserts that are to go into underware, and a pack of the depends guards. Sams size same shape. the guards is about $12 for 52, and the goodnites one are about $17 for 33. So they are just repackage the depends mans guards in a...
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    Loss of desire for diapers

    I am wondering if any one else has been suffering from a loss of desire for diapers. Ever since the pandemic started my desire for diapers have slowly gone down hill, to the point right now I have not warn in about a month. Any one else have this problem. Lately all I been doing is just work...
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    A question for the furrys here.

    I been hanging out in VR chat, a while back a friend in VR chat gave me a nice skin, I see it as a star scape alien skin. But apparently it has some "furry" traits to it (not sure what furry traits are but...) and I have notice that when I go in there always one to four people that are just...
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    The now make walkers for adults Tell me those don't look like baby walkers, maybe there should be an AB party there.
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    Cloth diaper storage

    How do other cloth diaper users store their cloth diapers?
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    24/7 Essentials for cloth diaper users (idea for post stolen from Adiba)

    A saw a post by Adiba for essentials for going 24/7 (and I am going to steal the idea and modify it), and wondering the same thing but since cloth diaper users have unique things to them what would be needed if a cloth user would do the same thing and go 24/7. And I am thinking full 24/7 cloth...
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    Wet bags

    To my fellow cloth diapers users. I would really like to start wearing my diapers more, but the issue is when I go out and about, dealing with the used wet diapers. I know for baby diapers they have wet bags, but the question is what size should I get for a wet bag, I would assume it should be...
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    Should I really be doing this?

    Well the other day I saw this I have never done a sissy thing, but the dress look cute, and I will admit I have had dreams about having to wear a dress with my diapers. So I went a head an ordered it. Starting to have...
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    Question to other pocket diaper users

    I have 7 great pocket diapers but the inserts to them are so old that they don't absorb much any more, but the diapers shells are still good, The inserts measure 10.5"x28 right now, I am looking over at and wondering should I...
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    Just for giggles

    Also please don't attack others for their thoughts. Who are you going to vote for in Nov
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    Super Undies Mokey Pants

    The people that sell super undies apparently have no problem with us, on their new Monkey Pants page they have the following statement "We've received numerous calls from a community of parents looking to provide their adult-ish children with special needs with a waterproof pant that they can...
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    Cloth or Disposable : Posted this back in 09, and wondering how the numbers might have changed. I posted this poll back in Jan 2009 and I am wondering over the last ~7 years how the numbers might have changed. So lets have at it
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    Thoughts on best adult cloth training pants.

    I am looking between Super Undies, and baby pants. I like the Super Undies as they claim to be Water proof with out the need of an extra water proof pantie. But what other potty training pants have others found that you liked. I will have to say I have to look at the 38" waist range, I know...
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    Other diapers as wide and absorbant as Bellissimo

    I am wondering if there are any other diapers that are as wide between the legs and as absorbent as Bellissimo. What would be people recommend, it does not have to be a AB diaper, normal ones are ok
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    A good Sci-Fi story

    I went to a Sci-Fi con recently (last weekend) and picked up book of short stories. The title of the book is Triangulation: Parch. I really liked the last story in the book it is mainly the very last sentence of the book, and when I read that sentence a chill ran down my spine because as an AB...
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    Help; should I be worried

    I am writing this as some one that while I like the idea of wetting my diaper, the idea of messing my diaper is an unpleasant though to me. But the problem is over the last 2 weeks I have had 3 accident in my pants (yes pants, I was not wearing diapers at the time, and why should I, I was at...
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    folding prefold diapers

    I just got some prefold diapers today. and wondering how all of you all fold your prefold diaper (if you use them) I found a few folds on google searches 1) newspaper 2) jelly roll 3) bikini 4)angle wings. So far I found for me (and the prefold I got) that the newspaper fold will work very...
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    Android app, yes I think DT is the right place

    I am a software developer and one that has tried many time the self hypnosis for bed wetting (please lets not go down the should you or should not not debate again) But I have put a few file into an android app that can be played looped over and over your choice is to play one of them over and...
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    Cloth diapers in an apt with out washer drier

    O recently moved, I have a new appatrment but this place does not have a washer/drier in unit like my last place. To do a load it costs 3:50, and I am wondering something. 1) I have always done the diaper laundry every 3 days (to help prevent the smell) 2) I usually only have 3 diapers for each...
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    Footed sleepers at Walmart

    I was at a Walmart tonight and saw in the woman's section adult sized one piece footed sleepers. In childish styles. One was a cookie monster one the other was a cat in the hat thing one and thing two theam, I got the cat in the hat one.