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    Diaper Memory

    starting to wet the bed at age 14
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    Choose Between Diapers, or a Supercar

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    YOUR Stash!

    depends real fit for day and tranquility for night
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    People Who Know Your'e an AB

    no body but when i wet the bed some of my friends knew about it
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    Upcoming Academic Journal Article on ABDL and Depression

    bedwetting was the beginning for me
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    Trying to pee my diaper

    I just want to wet the bed for like a night or two that is it....and how is the tranquility tan if anyone knows?
  7. J

    Trying to pee my diaper

    Ok and is it ok for the skin down there to be surrounded by urine filled diaper all night?
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    Trying to pee my diaper

    Hi everyone, I am kinda new to this website but I have loved diapers my whole life but I can never get myself to just easily pee my diaper or my ultimate goal is to wet my bed at night. Is there anyway that I can do that so I can wet myself easier or make myself wet the bed?