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  1. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Cloth Backed Diapers For People Who Aren't Fans of Cloth Backed?

    It's no secret that I'm not the biggest fan of cloth backed diapers. I just first and foremost prefer plastic backed even in the worst diapers like Depends or generic medical brands used in hospitals. The advantages of plastic are not something I want to give up full time in exchange for the...
  2. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Favorite Season?

    I'm just curious if anyone here has a favorite season and which one and why. Mine is Winter. I find cold easier to deal with than heat and there's just a beauty and majesty exuded by freshly fallen snow that can't be matched by many natural phenomena. The cold, somber whites, grays, and blues...
  3. BrattyPrincessSophie

    A Childrens' Book About Incontinence?

    I'm not sure if such a thing exists, at least in the way I'm thinking of. A quick google search reveals a few children's books about managing it and how to potty train through it, but nothing even mentioning incurable or otherwise untreatable incontinence that can only managed with diapers. As...
  4. BrattyPrincessSophie

    The Loot Box Trojan Horse No One Is Talking About

    So EA and Respawn just recently stealth released a spin off BR game in the Titanfall Universe called Apex Legends. Nothing but good things are being said about this game. The actual gameplay is solid, it's free to play, the microtransactions are pretty much strictly cosmetic and can be earned...
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    Is History Repeating Itself?

    It's been a while since I made a topic here, so I thought I would air out some of the thoughts on the gaming industry I've had and collected over the past year. First, some background. I love gaming. I used Lego blocks as controllers when I was 2, so I started early and was around for most of...
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    Babyish Insults 2

    I made a thread on this topic a few years back, since it's probably too old revive and probably locked due to inactivity by now, I figured I would make a new one. I have so much more to add to this discussion and was hoping more people had more to add as well. Here's some of my new favorites...
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    PVC Lined Bloomers?

    Does such a thing exist and if so where would I find such a thing? I'm huge fan of Lolita fashion and the Victorian and Roccoco styles that influenced it. I think it would be quite nice to have the extra protection offered by PVC pants combined with the vintage elegance of Victorian style...
  8. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Nightmare Scenario: The Death of Choice

    I want to preface this by saying that different people have different tastes and preferences and some people like plastic while others like cloth backed and that's ok. What's not ok is eliminating choice and alienating one segment of a market or another. People should always have choices...
  9. BrattyPrincessSophie

    UPO Unidentified Padded Object

    At this point I know just about every major brand of adult diaper in existence and even some obscure ones and just by looking at many I can identify them easily and know their appearance and brand name by heart. However the weekly DD featured photos on DD threw me for another curveball. I saw...
  10. BrattyPrincessSophie

    More Untapped Markets

    I've come across more untapped markets in the AB/DL and little world. Take a look at some of these cute beauties:
  11. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Old DC Amor Design

    While I think the design of the recent version of the DC Amor is one of the cutest things ever, I still miss the old anime design and thought it was really really cute. Does anyone know where I can find a picture of the old design to turn it into a custom tape?
  12. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Now That Plastic Depends Are Gone

    Do you think that the pendulum that has slowly swung in the direction of cloth-like could start to slowly swing back to plastic? Was the loss of plastic Depends the wake up call the industry needed? I apologize for not being as active as I once was, school can keep you incredibly busy. I also...
  13. BrattyPrincessSophie

    The Best of Both Worlds

    I'm not particularly a fan of breathable cloth-like disposables and given the choice I would go for the best plastic disposable over the best breathable disposable. I have opened my mind some to cloth-like diapers and would wear any recommended good ones probably with some PUL pants over them...
  14. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Why has no one thought of this before?

    I've been looking up vintage adult diapers recently and have been thinking I really would've liked to experience the various different diapers that have since been discontinued. vintage 90s green Depends? I'd love to give em a whirl! 80s Blue Attends? 90s blue tape Attends? the old American...
  15. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Sneak Peak of My New Story

    I haven't written a story in ages. I'm working a new one and I'm trying to make it very unique. It's supposed to be a diaper story with a sci-fi twist. It details the 1000 year lifespan of a girl and her struggle with Gender Identity Disorder and Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Her journey to...
  16. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Why Are Companies Killing Consumer Choice? And What Can We Do About It?

    I know this is a bit of a dead horse topic as of late but it needs to be addressed and we need to figure out a solution. As you all know We have lost many plastic backed diapers over the years only to be completely replaced by breathable products. North America lost plastic TENAs years ago. the...
  17. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Pokemon ORAS Nuzlocke or Wonderlocke?

    So I've started Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and I want a little more challenge to my game. I can't decide between a regular Nuzlocke, a Wonderlocke, or some other Nuzlocke variants. I want to hear your ideas on some fun and challenging self imposed rules.
  18. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Babyish Insults

    We all get the urge to act bratty around our caregivers sometimes. Maybe they tried to sneak veggies into our food. Maybe they just plain made you mad. Or maybe they're just flat out being butts, and caregivers never seem to understand when they're being butts. You're too young to use any sort...
  19. BrattyPrincessSophie

    2015 State of Plastic Address

    This is a thread I've been meaning to make ever since it officially became 2015. We are already at the halfway point of the 2nd decade in the 21st century and a lot of things have changed and a lot of new things are changing when it comes to diapers. I want to reflect on the state of consumer...
  20. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Japanese Style Diaper Covers (I want them)

    I've recently fallen in love with Japanese style diaper covers/plastic pants. the ones that function kind of like Abri Wing diapers where the back attaches like a belt around the waist and then the front just snaps to the belted sides. There's so many cute designs and I want them but don't know...