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  1. BrattyPrincessSophie

    90s babies, were you raised in cloth or disposable?

    91 Baby, here. Disposables only, no memories of cloth whatsoever.
  2. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Soaking A Diaper

    Dry diaper is nice, wet is better, soaked is a nirvana feeling that can't be beat.
  3. BrattyPrincessSophie

    New Rearz Diaper

    I want some, but I'll likely be too late to the party to actually get my hands on them. Just doesn't seem worth it for only sample packs for something will never come back once it's all gone. At that point, you may as well just get a purple Northshore Lite and mod a similar looking tape onto the...
  4. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Drylife Slip XPlus

    I wonder if there any US stores that import them much like XPMedical did for the TENA Slips?
  5. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Boys or Girls? Which Do You Prefer?

    Girls hands down! I don't see myself in anything else.
  6. BrattyPrincessSophie

    What's the best "24/7" diaper?

    Good to know, I'd like to try Megamax, but I need my diapers for both functions, so it's more or less guaranteed I'll be changing more often so I'm not sure if the capacity of something like a Megamax would be all that cost effective for my needs.
  7. BrattyPrincessSophie

    What's the best "24/7" diaper?

    How are Abenas, Attends Poly, and Attends Waistband for 24/7? Trying to weigh as many options as I can.
  8. BrattyPrincessSophie

    What's the best "24/7" diaper?

    To reiterate my earlier question, are Total Dry X Plus any good for 24/7? Also, how are Abena M/L4 for 24/7?
  9. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Dream Characters on ABDL diapers

    I forgot to mention, I'd kill to see Precure designs on diapers.
  10. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Bambino Skooldoodle

    I'm old fashioned, but I prefer the the print strip on the front. I think the Cloudees and the Rearz Princess and ABU Bunnyhops are the cutest all over prints I've seen.
  11. BrattyPrincessSophie

    What's the best "24/7" diaper?

    I figured as much. Are they any good for 24/7?
  12. BrattyPrincessSophie

    What's the best "24/7" diaper?

    Has anyone tried Total Dry/Secure X Plus? They more or less seem like the medical version of the Bambino Classicos. Would they be decent for 24/7?
  13. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Dream Characters on ABDL diapers

    Sofia the First, Fancy Nancy, Monster High, Sailor Moon, Princess Tutu, and too many others to name.
  14. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Girls clothes are better

    Who would look at something like THIS: And NOT say it's the cutest thing they've ever seen?
  15. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Replica baby diapers in adult sizes

    I'd love to see more replicas of 80s and 90s baby diapers. Sign me up for 1993-94 Pampers and 1998 Luvs as well as 1987-92 Girls Luvs and Pampers.
  16. BrattyPrincessSophie

    NorthShore MegaMax Pink Size Small Now Available

    Sign me up for pink! Can't wait for medium/large.
  17. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Retro gamers and ego

    I've noticed the complete opposite. You can't express a preference for older games without being shouted down by the reactionary nostalgia police.
  18. BrattyPrincessSophie

    ConfiDry 24/7 discontinued on Northshore😥

    I really miss the old blue and purple Dry 24/7s when the first came out. I never got a chance to try them out.
  19. BrattyPrincessSophie

    About the new trends. Please sign this petition to prevent the manufacturers from banning plastic on adult diapers.

    That seems like a pretty doomer-ish outlook. The best you can do is buy from whoever still sells plastic backed diapers and also directly contact manufacturers with any concerns, especially if they announce or implement plans to phase out plastic backed. Depends tried the same a few years ago...
  20. BrattyPrincessSophie

    Were you spanked as a child

    There are better ways to discipline kids than resorting to violence.