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    Tesco Health Junior Plus 20 Nappies (NEW) *UK*

    I bought some today after reading the advice in this thread, and have been trying them out this evening. The upper straps easily fit my 32 inch waist with a few inches to spare, but I can only just stretch the lower straps round my cycling legs. So as well as a thin waist, you also need thin...
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    YOUR Stash!

    I have been using diapers for fun on and off, for around 7 years, but have mostly used pull-ups I could buy in supermarkets until fairly recently. Pictured is my second ever case of diapers, which was delivered a couple of weeks ago, at which point I decided it was about time I dedicated a shelf...
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    Mental research behind Diaper Lover life.

    Perhaps they do for adult babies, but not necessarily for diaper lovers. My "main" fetish is omorashi, and I only got into diapers because of that. Personally I consider adult babies to be a completely different fetish, because it just doesn't interest me at all.
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    Wear, wet or mess?

    I used to put toilet paper inside my underpants and mess myself in the bathroom when I was 14, but that only lasted for a year or so. Sometimes my underpants got messy when I didn't protect them well enough with toilet paper, and my mom once told me to tell her if I have any "problems" - she...
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    What's the biggest your stash has ever been?

    The most I've had at one time is around 20 diapers. I never buy more than one pack of one type at a time, but sometimes buy two different packs at once.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    A nice dry Tena pull-up
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    Buying diapers at the store embarresing?

    I have only bought diapers maybe a dozen or so times, and always at a store. I was apprehensive at first, but it didn't take long to get used to. To minimize the chance of meeting anyone I know I go to a store a few miles away, and after putting the diapers in my basket I always go straight to...
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    Tesco Free Spirit - for males?

    I bought these a few days ago, large size, because they were the only ones on the shelf. I can fit into DryNites for 8 - 14 year old boys, so these are far too big. Even so I thought they would suffice, but they're absolutely hopeless. They don't seem nearly wide enough between the legs so there...
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    Post-urination dribblage

    I've always had post-void dribble, but at most it's only enough to put a coin sized wet spot on my underwear, and isn't even usually as much as that. I notice it the most if I sit down after having used the toilet, as I often feel a small squirt come out as I sit down. The only times it's ever...
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    Anyone else sleep better with diapers?

    I've only slept in diapers a few times and don't usually wet the bed. I wake up if I need to pee, and am usually unable to go back to sleep again until I go and pee. Whether or not I wake up needing to pee during the night depends on my fluid intake. Last time I wore diapers to sleep I woke up...
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    bladder test

    Whether or not this is possible without too much pain, seems to vary from person to person. Personally I love the feeling of pee leaking out as I keep trying to hold it in. How long I can hold it in depends on my fluid intake. What I like to do is drink lots of fluids, usually coffee, water and...
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    Woke up wet

    Do you usually wear a diaper to bed? I never usually wet my bed as I wake up if I need the toilet, and I have only twice worn a diaper to bed, both times recently. The first time I woke up and wet it intentionally, but on the last occasion I was surprised to wake up in mid-stream. So for...
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    Thanks for the welcome! I actually bought two different packs at once. First of all I put some DryNites pajama pants in my basket in a supermarket, because they are the only ones I saw that I thought would fit, but that was before I found the adult section. So I also picked up some Tena pants...
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    I have been into omorashi for some time, and just bought my first pack of diapers last week so that I could have more fun. I joined this forum the other day so that I could continue reading threads, and have now decided to start posting, as it seems like most posters are polite and respectful...