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  1. J

    Any just plain diaper lovers here? Not little, AB, or IC, just a lover.

    Outside of wearing diapers for a short portion of my day, don't really do anything else besides being a bit attached to my plushies.
  2. J

    How old are you guys currently?

    30 in a few weeks. Started wearing 8 years ago.
  3. J

    Ok....who all are simply a DL

    Same, I just treat the DL side as something to get over with daily and then go back to being my usual adult life.
  4. J

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Pampers Underjams L/Xl... The unicorns are waking up to a wet New Year's day.
  5. J

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    I am slowly soaking a Huggies Little Mover size 6. First diaper of the New Year, already through the purge phase. Probably will wet it in small amounts before I flood it.
  6. J

    When your swiming and you have to pee what do you do?

    Get out of the pool to pee. In public places it's a given to act mature/your age. In your own backyard pool, however, it's your call.
  7. J

    National Underwear Day - Conflicted

    Somebody's got way too much time on their hands.
  8. J

    harley quinn diapers?

    Walgreens has training pants with MLP on them for a couple of years. There are posts on here like reviews...
  9. J

    If you were a parent, would you make your children wear diapers longer than necessary?

    I would only let them decide when they want to start potty training. Their body, their choice, even if I love diapers.
  10. J

    Does anyone else like to wear, but not use their diapers?

    Absolutely! I love wearing them, but I sometimes stretch their wearing a couple of days before I turn on the ol' fire hose on them. Especially love them when sleeping.
  11. J

    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Huggies Pull-Up with Lion Guard Prints. Gave it a good soaking.
  12. J

    Adult prints on diapers?

    That doesn't make sense.
  13. J

    Is there a better feeling when you're holding in your pee and then flood your diaper?

    Absolutely love it! I wear mostly baby diapers and love seeing whether they can hold it all! Oftentimes, they usually fail on flood #2! And if they're training pants, seeing how quickly the wetness indicators vanish is an added bonus!
  14. J

    Baby Diapers

    I've tried Huggies Little Movers and the Walgreens diapers and training pants. I usually like to flood diapers so they usually leak after two wettings. I am pretty impressed with the Little Movers; I was using an elliptical and had to stop to pee about 4 to 5 times, all without leaking. With the...
  15. J

    Buying diapers

    Walgreens should still sell their generic brand of training pants. I'd be surprised if they were removed.
  16. J

    Fitting Into a Small Diaper

    Cut off the front side panels and glue them vertically to the rear side panels.
  17. J

    Are Huggies scented?

    No, but that doesn't stop you from scenting them yourself! :sweatdrop:
  18. J

    i cant get anymore diaper

    Get a job. Buy your diapers.
  19. J

    Want to see a true baby diaper in adult sizes?

    Big stretch to find that "someone". And if they wanted it, they could just make it for themselves. Unless the manufacturers issue a press release about expanding their range of adult diapers, I don't think contacting them would be a good use of our time.
  20. J

    Hello Kitty on Easy Ups

    Wasn't Thomas just this year? If Dora's and Diego's run was any indication, that tank engine ain't going away anytime soon.