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  1. spdyturtle11

    trying to sew a diaper. first attempt.

    So I want to try and sew a diaper and was looking for some hints and or tricks. The one question i was wondering about was how to replicate the "poop pocket" that are on some disposables. (e.g. how much extra room should there be to catch it). Thanks for the help and wish me luck ;)
  2. spdyturtle11

    adult pull-up like goodnites

    I have been trying to find a decent pair of pull-ups (preferably with kid designs) that have the leak guards like goodnites do. I recently have taken a liking to the large girl goodnites and love the way the elastic and guards work. Does such a thing exist?? my problem is my waist is near a 34...
  3. spdyturtle11

    crawling vs walking

    I was just wondering if you guys prefer to walk in a diaper or crawl? I just feel like crawling really emphasizes your dependency. It makes me feel like i need someone to care for me :) thoughts, opinions..?
  4. spdyturtle11

    Best diaper for flooding?

    I was just wondering what your experiences with leaks and flooding? I am in search of the best diaper to not leak While flooding.
  5. spdyturtle11

    Cats vs wolves

    Which is cuter cats or wolves? (you gotta love tails :) )
  6. spdyturtle11

    best overnight store brand?

    I Have been searching for the best overnight store brand diaper (whether pull-up or brief). My problem is I tend to be very active in my sleep so often times i will leak by squishing the saturated diaper. Any ideas?
  7. spdyturtle11

    getting into REAL diapers...

    So i have stayed to pull-ups until recently, and would like some advice in getting some good diapers to start with. Im 19 years old and am more on the side of a DL than an AB, but if the option presented itself... P.S. I mostly like to wet, but i dont mind soiling either. i hope to get to...