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  1. KidSpike13

    how to talk to my therapist about my abdl side???

    Hi there Wyatt. First off I'd like to put a disclaimer that if anyone already posted similar advice, I do apologize I just don't have time to scroll through responses right now due to school. Anyway, I think it is a good idea to tell your therapist. I told mine and out worked out that things...
  2. KidSpike13

    Anxiety Disorders Amongst AB/DL People

    Both anxiety and depression, used to, but also had (as obviously still have) adhd
  3. KidSpike13

    For those who have plushies..

    I have 1 that is the most special (by a little) who's name is speedy, but all my plushies are my friends who I don't like to see bad things happen to.
  4. KidSpike13


    I definitely see where you are coming from with your post. personally I would see the differing circumstances as more depending on the situation than whether or not the humiliation is true, though I admit as you said it may be semantics at this point. I just see it as still true humiliation...
  5. KidSpike13


    I am not entirely sure that this particular thread, as it seems more to be about humiliation fetishes, belongs in the ab sub-forum, but it clearly has amassed quite a few responses without being moved so I guess not haha. anyway, as far as responding to this post in particular I think I will...
  6. KidSpike13

    Omg there's another ABDL in my city

    oh my GOD I am jealous. though I admit I would rather meet a guy around my age for relatability and *ahem* other things, the fact is that regardless of gender you have found another abdl in your area that is your age. I would certainly be careful, meet in public place, etc, just to make sure...
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    I would probably have given this a go if it weren't text based. anyone know if there is any role-playing games similar to this but instead have actual avatars you can create, edit, and control? I think it would be cool to have kind of a way to social network/interact with other abs and dls in...
  8. KidSpike13

    AB/DL Wiki Concept

    I have to say I am all for this idea. As has already been mentioned, it would have to be well managed and have at least a few dedicated (authors?) members so that it ends up more informative than the one that is currently out there. That point contributed, I would be really excited to see a...
  9. KidSpike13

    Would you give up AB/DL for someone you love?

    My answer would have to be either F or G because it is definitely a "no. this is too much a part of who I am", so I would not be able to actually quit no matter what. but by the same token I am not sure I would really put myself in such a position because I would hope that my bf/partner (when I...
  10. KidSpike13

    Looking for some Helpful babies (or people)

    kool kool. well, thanks for coming on and including us is this, I guess one could call it a "transitory stage" in your life. like I said, I(as well as many others I am sure) am quite happy to be there for ya. ps. glad to hear you are enjoying the pacifiers :neener_neener: :hug:
  11. KidSpike13

    Looking for some Helpful babies (or people)

    haha, I would be more than glad to help however I can. I will send a friend request along shortly so you can pm me any time you need/want to. I think what you are trying to do is see if you really are an ab, if I understand correctly, in that you are trying to do various things that an ab...
  12. KidSpike13

    never grew up?

    wow, haha great to see so many responses! I am sorry to hear about what some of you went through, and having recently gone temporarily insane (I am not using the word lightly) I can relate to you dogboy. I never knew what to expect when I started this thread, as far as what ages people...
  13. KidSpike13

    never grew up?

    Hey, spikey here. Been a while since I posted in a thread and even longer since I started a proper one myself. Now I am not sure if this had been a topic before (as in exactly the way I am asking), but I was wondering how many others actually identify as never having grown up past a certain...
  14. KidSpike13

    Whats more worth it to buy?

    I think it really depends on preferences. I, for instance, would probably get the dry24/7s because I tend not to like the idea of washing stuff like diapers because I live with my parents still; it's just uncomfortable to think about. that said, if I was living on my own that really would be a...
  15. KidSpike13

    To those who don't know me, hello!

    thanks for the warm welcome-back!
  16. KidSpike13

    The perfect night alone

    Seriously happy to hear! Have a great sleep
  17. KidSpike13

    Toddler shoes

    Not a problem haha
  18. KidSpike13

    Toddler shoes

    Also, for custom toddler-ish shoes try The Ave Venice - Custom Everything They will allow you to put any number of images or writing on them for $100, or you can pay less and have a limit. Either way, they basically will send you emails with the design pictures and ask you for any additions or...
  19. KidSpike13

    hi my name is babytim2000

    Hello tim. If I may ask, is there anything else you would like to share about yourself? I realize it must be quite difficult to get yourself to open up online, but we are all here to support you. That said, just a little heads up, this probably should've been posted in the "greetings and...
  20. KidSpike13

    To those who don't know me, hello!

    Thanks a bunch for replying and sharing your own experiences. Personally, I never really wanted a girlfriend, I felt I needed to have one (initially in middle school because of the bullying I was facing, but later because I felt it was my duty as only child to give my parents grandchildren as...