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  1. MrSiltStrider

    Partially TB/DL related article in yesterday's London Metro paper

    Saw this while reading through the paper earlier today, thought it might interest you guys: Original article on page 7 (requires you to give email address) Screenshot of the article
  2. MrSiltStrider

    A resounding triumph for the apathetic

    "Meh" now a real word. At least according to Harper Collins. So, what do you think of the newest addition to the English language? Good? Bad? General disinterest, best expressed by the addition in question?
  3. MrSiltStrider

    Mother 3 (aka Earthbound 2) fan translation complete!

    Edit: Removed the link, just google "Mother 3 english patch" Haven't played it much, I've decided to go back and finish Earthbound first, but so far it's living up to the original, and then some. A little background info for those who don't know it: Back in 1995, an RPG came out for the SNES...
  4. MrSiltStrider

    Don't know how many of you remember me...

    Hi, I'm MrSiltstrider, I'm an Aussie expatriate currently living in London. I'm a DL and an AB (by a few months). I originally joined back in '06, and was active on-and-off until the crash, so some of you may remember me from the off-topic and computer games sections. I see a lot of changes have...