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  1. Ultima

    Your inbox was full, I tried sending you a pm, though. Just know, life is going great for me...

    Your inbox was full, I tried sending you a pm, though. Just know, life is going great for me, even more so than before. It's all thanks to you =]
  2. Ultima

    Grindcore/Death/Heavy Metal

    I can't say I DISlike bands like Necrophagist/Behemoth/etc, I actually quite like them. But, if I could get metal that sounds like At the Gates from now on, I'd be in heaven xD
  3. Ultima

    Rubik's Cubes, anyone?

    Sorry for the late replies, went away for Mother's Day x3 I have to agree with you, LittleAura, the whole thing fascinates me, how each part can move, but is whole. Lol @ the video.
  4. Ultima

    Sup sup?? ^^

    ^_^ You're on the site now! This guy is mah buddy IRL =3
  5. Ultima

    Rubik's Cubes, anyone?

    Very cool, I want a 7x7x7. All I have are the 3x3x3, 4x4x4, and 5x5x5. I haven't gotten fast with the other two, but on the standard, my fastest solve is 37 seconds =D
  6. Ultima

    Rubik's Cubes, anyone?

    Please do, I'm positive it'll help you solve it. It's the same way *I* solve it xD
  7. Ultima

    Best Metal Albums Ever Released!

    Children of Bodom has plenty of songs I love, I thoroughly enjoy the band, but I wouldn't say there is an entire ALBUM I know/love. All of my favorite songs by them, are scattered across all the albums.
  8. Ultima

    Rubik's Cubes, anyone?

    Yes, sorry I missed that part. The completed needs to be up. EDIT: Yeah, Martin, first side is a bit hard to explain how to "Do", since it's just a matter of finding, and placing. But, I just gave some typical scenarios where you're like "How do I get it in there?"
  9. Ultima

    Rubik's Cubes, anyone?

    So, I was bored, and thought I'd post this to see how many people at ADISC want to learn how to solve the Rubik's Cube. This guide was 100% made by me, I wrote the text, made the images, and everything. Here it is, my official Rubik's Cube solving guide. I put a lot of effort into this...
  10. Ultima

    Best Metal Albums Ever Released!

    Dream Theater - ALL (Yes, I enjoy EVERY song they have released. YES, I have every song xD) System of a Down - ALL (Same as above) In Flames - Clayman, Come Clarity, Reroute to Remain At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul Megadeth - ALL Nightwish - ALL See, I can't ever do this. When I listen...
  11. Ultima

    10,000 Members!

    It's still quite a feat, in the site. Whether or not they are active, we have had 10,000 fresh faces come upon this site. There weren't nearly that much when I first joined TBDL, so it's a neat thing to see. I've always been fond of forums, in general, and some I have been quite active in. And...
  12. Ultima

    Can Anything be done? (rant)

    While I won't question your emotional desires and your history/causes for your Infantilism, I will say, YES it is a free choice for you to wear. You won't die from not wearing, nor will you have to face any sort of humiliation that someone with incontinence would, if they chose not to wear. Your...
  13. Ultima

    Movie Quotes

    "This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object." "I believe whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you...Stranger!" Both from The Dark Knight, like a lot of people that say it, I absolutely loved that movie. And again, like many say, Heath Ledger did a phenomenal...
  14. Ultima

    Old member, new name

    Welcome back to the board, nice to see a couple that's able to post on a board such as this =]
  15. Ultima

    What's the best thing you've ever won?

    I won a contest back when I was about 6 years old. The local paper had an essay contest about "What makes Grandparents Day special to YOU?". I wrote the most heartfelt thing I've ever written, and they seemed to agree. My great-grandmother got a nice gift basket, and we both had our picture on...
  16. Ultima

    What video game series to you want to see being made again

    Another game in the Legend of Legaia series. There was a sequel, but it did the original no justice. If you haven't played it, back on the PS1, pick it up. RPG with a very innovative fighting style. Not to mention, ungodly difficult for those that don't grind (And quite hard for those that do...
  17. Ultima

    Japanese candy and Drinks

    I'm not too horribly knowledgeable in Japanese culture, but I did enjoy Pocky. Pretty yummy stuff, in my opinion. As far as drinks...I don't know any Japanese drinks, so I'll say tea, because I'm pretty sure they drink it, too. hahah.
  18. Ultima

    Grammar Nazi Poll

    I'm not a hardcore grammar Nazi, but I would correct people more often, if misspellings and typos weren't so abundant on the internet. You simply can't fix it all, so I tend to ignore anyone who talks "leet", or people who use "txt tlk". If you want me to take the time to read what you've put...
  19. Ultima

    Any Juggalos or Juggalettes HERE?

    I was going to post and just say that I do listen to ICP, and am a pretty big fan. Then I saw all of the back and forth over who the "Haters" are. I have to say, I think both feed off of one another. The haters hate on the fans, who hate on the haters for hating the fans, and so on... It gets...
  20. Ultima

    Rock Band: Green Day Announced!!

    I'm not looking forward to this, at all. I'm not saying Green Day isn't a good band, I like a few of their songs. They're decent. But I don't think they are worth an entire game. I know my opinion is a bit biased, being one who looks for almost nothing but challenge now, but I think they...