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  1. fakename

    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    Well I'm pleasantly surprised as I was expecting the new XL to be identical to current L/XL but at higher price. Now I'm looking forward to March when they're released. I dig the new designs too. I wonder what their pricing will be...
  2. fakename

    ABU Bunnyhops first impressions

    I really hope they come out with a small size, I find Medium and Large too big for my tastes. Actually what I want is a small size with longer/stretchier elastics, like a baby diaper has, so I can get a more snug fit but have the tab still reach the landing strip. I ordered a small size ABU...
  3. fakename

    Tried Huggies Overnites Size 6 for inserts

    They're also really soft!
  4. fakename

    I wish i could wet more.

    Green tea works pretty well, make a big batch of green tea using 4-5 tea bags, let it cool for 30 minutes then add 2:1 tea:lemonade (or other juice).
  5. fakename

    Are Extra Absorb Channels Ruining Diapers? And Diaper Lovers?

    Making an adult diaper from toddler diapers - Now with video I haven't attempted this design but it looks even more time consuming than what I make. You need to be careful with your cuts that you don't cut into the SAP pad (unless you intend to do so and will cover it up) as you don't want SAP...
  6. fakename

    Are Extra Absorb Channels Ruining Diapers? And Diaper Lovers?

    I wear a lot of modded baby diapers and it's not that pricey, but depends of course on how many you use per finished product. My favorite mod design uses two Pampers, so that's only about $1.00 per wear, not factoring in about one stick of hot glue gun glue per mod. A nicer design uses three. I...
  7. fakename

    Favourite diaper and why?

    For a while my favorite was 2014-era Dora The Explorer Pampers Easy-Ups 4t-5t, but now I think Pampers Cruisers 7 are my favorite. They don't sag like the Baby Dry, they smell good, they hold up nicely and don't leak if I put them on snugly. They are great for creating custom larger sizes. I...
  8. fakename

    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    I'm not going to get my hopes up on a size increase. My suspicion is they're going to pull the same bait and switch that Pampers does. Release size X, shift down all smaller sizes by one weight class, claim to be the King Of Large Youth Diapers. At least we will get another design update... I...
  9. fakename

    Are Extra Absorb Channels Ruining Diapers? And Diaper Lovers?

    Oh I like the feeling, and you still get that effect from Goodnites, Huggies Overnights diapers, Underjams, Huggies Pull-Ups and Pull-Ups Overnights to name a few. I wear a lot of Pampers and Pampers Easy-Ups though so I've grown to like the three absorbency channels, it's an easy quick reminder...
  10. fakename

    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    I'm excited! I'm going to buy a box of current XLs so I can compare when these release, and as security in case they shrink. I hope the design isn't like those all-black DryNites. I love the pink stars design of the 2013-era Goodnites, it would be lovely if they went that design route again. And...
  11. fakename

    Are Extra Absorb Channels Ruining Diapers? And Diaper Lovers?

    I've come to like the absorb channels because it's quick to identify when they're wet just by touching quickly - oh there's the three lumps cross the front. I like diapers that don't have those channels as well.
  12. fakename

    YOUR Stash!

    Same, I tried to contain my stash to a large plastic tote but the collection has since grown outside that tote.
  13. fakename

    YOUR Stash!

    Decided to shell out the shipping cost and ordered size 6 Luvs from American Amazon to my Canadian address. Looking forward to finally getting these! My stash is still all baby diapers. My grocery store I frequent was carrying pampers size 7 on sale last month (which they never do) so I bought...
  14. fakename

    Hey welcome to the community, nice to know there are others within my own city! Let me know if...

    Hey welcome to the community, nice to know there are others within my own city! Let me know if you want to chat, we could trade emails or something idk
  15. fakename

    Has anyone had the chance to wear Pampers size 8?

    Yes, I ordered some from Ebay back in like January. They're great. Bigger than size 7, but nowhere near those vintage ones in the German video. My measurements put them like an inch taller and half an inch wider wing stretch compared to the 7. They fill really nicely, I've actually never had one...
  16. fakename

    Parents choice size 7

    Can you post an inside shot? They look similar to Walmart's Rascal & Friends diapers. I'm very curious how they compare to Pampers 7. Same wings? R&F-style velcro tabs?
  17. fakename

    Parent's choice stage 7 diapers holy crap they're huge

    I got some of these Rascal & Friends size 6 as well. They make fantastic diapers for modding your own bigger one. I use them to create an almost ABDL-like fit where the front of the diaper and the wings meet and can close together like you see on a size small ABDL diaper. They're pretty easy to...
  18. fakename

    Are Goodnights S/M bigger then pullups 4t-5t?

    I can fit 4t-5t Pullups thanks to their stretch, but can't quite fit S-M Goodnites, they're simply too tight to pull all the way up. I was pretty disappointed by them.
  19. fakename

    Pull-ups 4T-5T

    I've been modding 3t-4t Cindarella/Bell Overnight Pullups with 4t-5t Minnie Mouse Pullups. I managed to find a store in town which had the Cindarella Overnight Pullups in stock, and combining them with the 4t-5t Minnie ones extends the bags quite a bit. The outcome is pretty cute with the...
  20. fakename

    Replica baby diapers in adult sizes

    It's some adult brand that they have used glue to attach a Pampers or Huggies over top. You could do this yourself with your own diapers, simply stretch out the baby one on top and glue it in place gradually working from front to back. It's pretty disappointing. I mean, it looks nice, but it's...