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  1. PambyPanda

    Photography 101

    I figured I would start a thread to help others who are either into Photography or who are looking to get into photography. I studied 5 years of photography in college and 4 years before that in highschool. I started in the darkroom and moved to digital. I would like this thread to be civil...
  2. PambyPanda

    Caretaker/Partner guess

    I wasn't sure how to title this. Basicly I'm wondering/looking for "dating advice" I guess is how it would be described. I know their are meet and greets and get togethers. The thing is I have been away from the community for a while and I don't even know if LA, CA get togethers happen. My...
  3. PambyPanda

    What to say :/

    I'm never good with intro's so I will say what I think I should and then let you all ask me questions that may be good to ask during an intro. I am a 23 male to famale PRE-EVERYTHING transgender. I have to go ahead to start hormone therapy but the issue is I weight about ~340lbs and I am 6ft...