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    How many of you like to mess?

    I love a good mess! Especially a nice firm one. My favorite time and place to mess is while I am driving my car. It feels so naughty to do it while sitting in traffic at a stop light! I gives me such a good and naughty feeling, and the people in the car next to me have no idea how naughty I have...
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    The different styles of Abena's.

    I have been using the Abena Abriflex M3 diapers for the last couple of years for my DL sessions. They hold a lot of liquid!. Just for grins I weighed a few after wearing and using them for 4-5 hours. They have easily held 32 - 34 ounces without any leakage issues. They are cloth backed so are...
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    How uncomfortable it is for you when you have a wet diaper?

    Not really uncomfortable at all. It is comforting for me actually. That is the whole purpose for me to be wearing a diaper. I want to be in a nice big soggy, heavy, bulky, wet, "make me waddle like a toddler" diaper.
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    How to hide crinkle of diaper in public?

    Wear a pair of underwear over the diaper. That will kill most all sound. But the simple truth is that no one around you will likely notice. You hear it because you are hypersensitive to it. No one else will even notice. And if they do, they will pay as much attention to is as a gnat that just...
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    Abena Pull-Ups

    If you are looking for big capacity in an Abena pull up, be sure to get the "3", not the "1". I have been using the Abriflex M3 for years. Great capacity. Seldom of ever leak. I usually get a good 4 - 6 hours wear out of one with many wettings during that time.
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    Wetting underwear with diaper over it

    Been buying them for years at Walmart. And they are string bikinis. !00% cotton. 100% for guys. Life brand by Jockey.
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    Wetting underwear with diaper over it

    Well put!
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    Diapers and underwear or only diapers

    If I am wearing a diaper, that is my underwear....
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    Admitted to the sales clerk I was buying for myself

    I go to DMES Medical Supply on Magnolia and Atlanta in Fountain Valley in So Cal to buy my Abena diapers. I frequently have conversations with them regarding capacity, sizes, one brand vs the other, how long can you wear, etc... They are always most professional. Have never asked if I need or...
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    Goodnites when wet

    Many times after wetting I will get an erection. Diapers are (sometimes) very sexual for me.
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    Wetting underwear with diaper over it

    I have done it with a pair of men's string bikini underwear. Stays fully inside the diaper. To my mind it gives me a bit of that cloth diaper feeling. I have also used a washcloth as a doubler in my disposable. I think the washcloth provides the feeling better than wearing undies under a diaper...
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    Public thoughts and questions

    And then we have the literally thousands and thousands of air heads who think it is quite OK, and maybe even fashionable to walk around the hood with their boxers very blatantly showing (called "sagging"). No one would ever dare point them out or call them on it. It almost makes me as a diaper...
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    Peeing while laying down, vs standing up...

    Over the years I have normally wet my diaper while sitting or standing. I recently discovered that if I pee in my diaper while lying down (flat on my back), the wetness is more likely to distribute better to the rear of the diaper. That is the part that normally seems to be very under used. So...
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    Are flooded diapers more comfortable?

    I don't think it is a question of more comfortable. For me it is a more comforting feeling to be in a warm wet soggy bulky heavy diaper.
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    Is diapers and a laptop in a laptop case together safe.

    I used to carry spare diapers in my laptop case all the time. Never a problem. Except the one time I left the flap open and everyone on the tour I was leading had a chance to see the bright white spare showing. No one said a work though, so I guess it was a "No harm. No foul."
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    Who knows?

    I have a couple of friends I met through Craigslist who know. Otherwise no one in the family (wife or kids) have any idea...
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    Anybody ever "really" caught...?

    Let me answer my own question... My answer is "never". In all the years I have worn in public I have never been called out for wearing a diaper. When I recently went to help my daughter with a roadside car issue I wore my Abena Abriflex M3 that had at least 3 good wettings in it. She never...
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    Anybody ever "really" caught...?

    A lot of people write threads about "what if I get caught" while wearing in public? Well, my question is, how many of you have actually been caught, and how was it presented to you that you were in fact caught. I am not asking about the people who wear in public and intentionally leave a...
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    The Embarrassment Factor

    The excitement of "being seen wearing a diaper out in public" is quite real. Every time I go out wearing it is exciting for me. However there is a difference between "being seen" wearing a diaper, and having the diaper you are wearing being seen by the public. One is thrilling. The other, if...
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    Pull up diapers or all in one diapers?

    Abena Abriflex 3 pull-ups last me for hours. Typically good from 7:30 am until well past 1:00 pm most days, with a number of heavy wettings. Of course if you do a BM in them, that is another story because you don't typically want to spend 4 - 5 hours in any dirty diaper. Although an hour or two...