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  1. ChocChip

    Ryanair to make passengers ask to use the toilet

    Due to social distancing measures, no toilet queues to be allowed. That may make nappies an easier solution for some... Also I read somewhere that cabin crew at an airline in Singapore had been told that wearing nappies during flights was advisable, to avoid having to use the toilets...
  2. ChocChip

    Interesting article about a lifelong incontinent person He’s 34 and wears nappies (Tena Slip, from the photo!) but has an active life and is very open about his condition.
  3. ChocChip

    Why everyone should wear nappies to bed!

    It would boost the global economy massively...
  4. ChocChip

    Commercial Sharing Thread - Adult Incontinence Version!

    Given there's a pretty active thread about baby diaper commercials, I thought I'd start one for the sort I prefer - ads for adult incontinence products, pads, pull-ups and nappies. Anything that normalises wetting yourself in absorbent products is welcome here ;)
  5. ChocChip

    Incontinent homeless man denied shelter

    Is this really the kind of country we live in now? Welcome to Boris Britain...
  6. ChocChip

    Article about the adult diaper market

    An interesting perspective on it, with a few manufacturers quoted. I love the last line: “If incontinence was a country, it would be the third largest...
  7. ChocChip

    New women’s spacesuits...

    ...but good to see the ladies will still be wearing the right kind of underwear beneath them ;)
  8. ChocChip

    Another good reason to wear nappies...
  9. ChocChip

    Jeans for adult nappy wearers?

    Does anyone have any tips on brands/styles of jeans that work well with nappies? In other words, room in the seat, high enough in the waist, nothing that will highlight the bulge etc? Preferably UK focused or internationally available ones!
  10. ChocChip

    Tena criticised for advert "normalising" incontinence This sort of thing from the medical profession really annoys me... yes, incontinence can often be cured, but there shouldn't be any shame in choosing pads, pants or nappies as a temporary or permanent solution to it either. Things like the mesh scandal...
  11. ChocChip

    History of women's underwear article What really got my attention was the last paragraph of this. So, in other words, all women wear nappies, it's just their thickness that varies ;)
  12. ChocChip

    How far off are widespread disposable diaper bans?

    I see Vanuatu is the first country to phase in a ban on disposables... a specific case being a small island nation with little space for waste disposal, but given the debate on single use plastics, sure we will see it discussed in other places soon. I guess the issue is finding alternatives...
  13. ChocChip

    Drylife nappies

    The Drylife Slip Super plastic backed nappies (in medium at least) seem to be out of stock everywhere, even on their own site... is this just down to care institutions stocking up as a Brexit contingency, or are they out of production for some reason? 😕
  14. ChocChip

    Anyone know an adult (non-ABDL) who wears diapers?

    Just wondering who here knows someone - maybe a partner, family member or friend - who wears nappies for non-ABDL reasons? Perhaps it's what actually triggered your interest in the whole thing... or maybe just something that makes you feel slightly awkward around that person given they don't...
  15. ChocChip

    Euro 2012 (football/soccer)

    Anyone watching? Poland v Greece wasn't the most enticing of opening games on paper but proved an entertaining occasion, two red cards, a missed penalty and some comedy goalkeeping! Spain, Germany and Holland are the favourites but this tournament often throws up a surprise. English...
  16. ChocChip

    Helena Bonham Carter wore adult nappies

    Not a new story but widely reported this week, the actress turned to wearing nappies on set because she couldn't control her bladder after giving birth! - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | Showbiz :: New mum Bonham Carter wore nappies on Harry Potter set I'm sure there's...
  17. ChocChip

    Same nappy/diaper or variety?

    Just wondering, how many people like to wear the same kind of nappy all the time, and how many prefer variety - either different ones being more convenient for certain situations (in bed, extended wear, out in public) or just a case of "what do I feel like wearing today" in terms of nappies the...
  18. ChocChip


    Hi, I'm a nappy lover from the UK, male in my 30s - been wearing nappies for years and seem to be spending more and more time in them recently. Enjoy watching sport, football (UK and American!) etc. Want to read and share experiences on here!