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  1. ChocChip

    The Seven Diaper Senses

    Definitely 1-4. The crinkle doesn’t really bother me though it does remind me I’m wearing a nappy on occasions. And a freshly wet nappy smells quite nice. I don’t care about feeling “little” though can get into the “incontinent” mindset.
  2. ChocChip

    Do you wish everybody loved diapers or are you okay being “abnormal”?

    I don’t wish everyone liked them, but I wish it was more common (1 in 10, say) and accepted.
  3. ChocChip

    Low Stocks UK

    Seriously, don’t order anything from mainland Europe at the moment, not if you want to have any idea at all when it might arrive!
  4. ChocChip

    Low Stocks UK

    There’s a lot of hold-ups in terms of import shipping at the moment, through a combination of Brexit and the pandemic. Ordering things directly from abroad sounds like a complete lottery. Hopefully medical brands will be prioritised as essentials so still be widely available.
  5. ChocChip

    What is wetting like for ladies?

    Men and women are anatomically different though, and need absorbency in slightly different places typically. I suppose a full taped nappy can fit anyone, but pull-up products in particular are gender specific for that reason.
  6. ChocChip

    Diapers for Cabin Crew

    There’s been a couple of threads on this, no idea as to whether it’s taken off in practice though.
  7. ChocChip

    Women's briefs with tabs

    I haven’t seen tabbed briefs (adult nappies/diapers) in male/female designs, only pull-ups. Although I would like to see it in the market, it would help normalise their use more.
  8. ChocChip

    Are Pull-Ups considered diapers?

    The word baby shouldn’t be in there, diapers/nappies are for all ages ;)
  9. ChocChip

    wearing at the airport

    Wonder Woman wears her nappies on the outside of her costume ;)
  10. ChocChip

    Are Pull-Ups considered diapers?

    They’re midway between nappies/diapers and underwear... regular underwear is for people who use the toilet “normally”, nappies are for people who generally aren’t able (or wanting!) to use the toilet, pull-ups are for people who can usually make it to the toilet but have accidents. They serve...
  11. ChocChip

    Advice for diaper to wear on plane?

    But they might think you’re using them to hide drugs or explosives or something, so want to do more tests... especially if you don’t look like a “typical adult diaper wearer” (i.e. elderly or disabled).
  12. ChocChip

    disposable diapers and the environment, oh and socialized health care too. Late night thoughts.

    I’d go further than saying our current government is “traditionalist Conservative”, it’s Conservative with populist/Trumpian/borderline far-right elements. Yet still the NHS is pretty much considered sacred, with any thoughts of replacing it with an American-style model confined to the extremist...
  13. ChocChip

    Accidents at school

    Yes, private ones (otherwise known as nappies/diapers) are much better!
  14. ChocChip

    Chinese aviation authority suggests flight attendants wear DIAPERS to avoid virus-ridden airplane toilets

    Yeah, perhaps the only thing that would make me even consider going near a plane before I’ve had a vaccine! And I want an aisle seat ;) As the previous poster says, toilets are high risk because of the cramped space (even if you don’t have the normal water flushing on a plane loo, which is an...
  15. ChocChip

    Favourite TV show

    Have recently enjoyed The Queen’s Gambit and The Undoing (both 6-7 episode series). Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad are probably my all-time favourites (with Better Call Saul a great prequel to the latter). Line of Duty is really good as well, if you can get that in the US (5 six-part seasons...
  16. ChocChip

    Chinese aviation authority suggests flight attendants wear DIAPERS to avoid virus-ridden airplane toilets

    Presumably the advice is to only use them for peeing in... the other need probably counts as “special circumstances” ;)
  17. ChocChip

    For the British: how will Brexit affect supply?

    Got my “Farage garage“ well stocked with the essentials (nappies and wine) now...
  18. ChocChip

    China flight attendants advised to wear diapers for Covid protection

    Maybe they will start recommending it for passengers as well!
  19. ChocChip

    Nobody likes thinner comfortable diapers anymore (Opinion)

    I like somewhere in between, generally a plain or medical nappy that will take a few wettings before changing but that doesn’t give excessive bulk and can spread the wetness across the full length of it.
  20. ChocChip

    Christmas Travel Advice?

    One of those will surely do a 4-5 hour journey, unless you have pints of coffee beforehand... a couple of “toilet visits” is well within capacity.