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    Was anyone “allowed” to use their nappies on purpose as a child?

    Not explicitly, but I believe I was implicitly told to use my diaper. Growing up a bed wetter I often slept in diapers (cloth & plastic pant) till around age 9. Early on (will never forget the night) mom made it clear she should not be woken during the night to deal with a bathroom issue. Guess...
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    My new struggle

    There’s been considerable progress in treating enlarged prostate issues in recent years. A neighbor had laser surgery and claims he now pees like teenager with no side effects.
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    Diaper for bedwetting

    I’ve slept in Abena M4’s with a plastic pant the last several years. Sure they’re not the most absorbent, but they’re sufficient for my output the vast majority of nights. Additionally they fit well, are comfortable and comparatively inexpensive.
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    Who is able to transition between bedwetting and being dry?

    Sounds like you’re a bit like me. A side of me knows I should stop the water and night diaper while there’s still a chance of regaining control. But come bedtime it’s overwhelming, without fail I down the water, tape on a diaper and drift off for another cycle in a relentless pursuit of every...
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    Wet my Bed, couldn't sleep.

    Guess I’m naïve. I was under the impression bedwetting is a problem for folks on the reddit site, not something they do on purpose. You’re saying that’s not the case? To your question, as a youngster when I wet mom made me lay/sleep in it till morning. As such I became accustomed to sleeping...
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    Wetting face?

    Your post brings back memories of my folks in SE Minnesota talking about the Armistice Day Blizzard.
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    Bedwetting as a child?

    Growing up I liked the aroma of dry pee in my pajamas and/or bed. Still do.
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    Who Loves waking up in a wet diapee? <3

    Absolutely … waking wet with no memory is the ultimate high for me.
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    I regularly wet the bed till about age 9 and then regressed back to it in my 20’s. At first accidental after drinking, I welcomed, even encouraged, the return.
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    Wetting face?

    Interesting topic, I’ve often wonder if a “wetting face” or some other outward sign accompanies sleep wetting?
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    Bedwetting Diapers and Rubber Sheets

    It wasn’t long, perhaps three months. Believe mom though removal of the beloved rubber sheet would formally close the bedwetting chapter of my upbringing. It was a sad day. I missed the sheet searching the house end to end to no avail. At the time it never crossed my mind, but in retrospect when...
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    Need better night diaper

    And you place the cloth insert between the leak guards?
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    Trigger words

    From childhood, the words "RUBBER PANTS" send a shiver up and down my spine.
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    Signs you are about to wet... #peeface

    Interesting … I wonder if there’s an outward indication when I'm about to wet in my sleep. Guess there’s no way to know.
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    Bedwetting as a child?

    Similarly, embarrassed/ashamed I more than once made my wet bed in the morning pretending all was fine. To my dismay it dried little if at all during the day under the blankets. First time mom found out when she remade my bed to get the wrinkles out. After that I made sure there were no wrinkles...
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    Did you want to stay in diapers as a child?

    You’re so right on growing teenager output. Will never forget, I was beer drinking nineteen at the time. Waking up to another “OH NO” I jumped out of bed to survey the damage. Best I can figure the protective rubber sheet was 36” X 54". Anyway, peeling back the sodden bottom sheet and pad the...
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    Who is diapered every night?

    I’ve worn and used virtually every night for the last five years. In the beginning wetting was purposeful now it is not.:)
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    Need for more absorbent coverage, not thicker!

    With M4’s I reduce front leakage by positioning the diaper so that the front padding is 2 or so inches higher than the back. Additionally, I fold the front plastic outer sheet back under creating a barrier of sorts against leakage. Showing how well this works, some mornings the front padding is...
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    Your Rubber Sheet

    I have never heard of a rubber sheet with air filled bubbles or ridges. And they’re still available in small sizes? Personally, I have faint early memories of a smooth red rubber sheet. At some point it was replaced with a larger waterproof sheet that extended from side to side and almost to...
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    Your Rubber Sheet

    In my mind the rubber sheet was a dead giveaway. I pleaded with mom to bring it in the house. She wouldn’t do it. So the rubber sheet along with the rest of my bedding remained outside in plain view for several hours till the mattress pad was finally dry. I’ve got to believe the neighbors...