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  1. Khaymen

    For those Diapered Hardcore Bikers

    I have an observation as well as a question for the Bikers here. I guess more to the cruiser riders as I know nothing about sport bikes. I just travelled 1,200 miles in two days. In order to keep from burdening the pack with unscheduled toilet stops I padded up just in case I couldn't...
  2. Khaymen

    Classic Attends on ebay

    Looking at the prices of classic diapers on ebay. There seems to be quite the gap between something like this from 1995. And other packs from the same year with blue plastic. I used these back then but don't remember...
  3. Khaymen

    Diet/Detox and unexpected results

    I started a detox diet 5 days ago and am eating nothing but raw fruits and vegatables. I plan to do this until my next doctors appointment for bloodwork. My hope was to come off of the many medications I'm on for blood; pressure, sugar, and colesterol. I've lost 10 pounds in five days and...
  4. Khaymen

    For those who shave their diaper zones

    I just found the best trimmer I've ever used for the diaper area.
  5. Khaymen

    Have you heard of

    I just ran across this site. It is quite expensive, but for an occasional playtime item may be worth the cost.
  6. Khaymen

    On two wheels again

    I bought a beast of a machine on Friday. I am the owner of a motorcycle again. It's as an emotional time for me as loosing my last bike due to hard financial times was, though I may have been a bit melodramatic in the tread...
  7. Khaymen

    Hard Drive issue

    I had a hard drive fail to recognize last week. The computer booted and it spun up, but the computer couldn't read the drive. I went out and bought a new drive and to my horror realized that I had not backed up the old drive since I got married. I lost my wedding photos, personal documents...
  8. Khaymen

    ABU size small is here (sort of)

    The title was big and bold that size small is here, so I clicked order on the AB Universe site. My first choice, Cushies were not avalible, then I tried Lavender to no avail, finally I purchased a sample pack of SDK in small. I'm sure the others are coming soon and just want to see if the fit...
  9. Khaymen

    New bounce toy for adults

    Check out the new adult sized toy that just hit the market. You can buy yours here. I can't wait to see a review on this.
  10. Khaymen

    Can you identify this symbol?

    I've seen this graffiti in three states. Does anyone know what it is?
  11. Khaymen

    darlings diapers Giant size fits up to 36Kg

    Anyone heard of these or how to order them? I saw a sample pack of three on eBay for $28 and am just not that curious.
  12. Khaymen

    Magnifico: Discussion and Analysis

    I was finally able to order a sample pack of Magnificos and I am perplexed. Initially, I dealt with frustration at trying to get a proper fit. This was never achieved due to an annoying gap at the legs that still bugs me as I sit here wearing one as I type this. After standing at a mirror...
  13. Khaymen

    Attends 10

    What do you think is a fair price plus shipping for full packs of Attends 10 diapers?
  14. Khaymen


    I need some help from the forum. My stepdaughter has become obsessed with Undertale and its forums. Evidently the forums have strong BDSM elements and I was ready to kill someone when I found out that some guy was trying to get my 15 year old daughter to send him a nude photo. I've since...
  15. Khaymen

    Bears vs Babies Card Game

    I thought some of you would be interested in this kick start.
  16. Khaymen

    Superhero Diapers

    I just ran across these. Have any of you heard of them?
  17. Khaymen

    I saw a new product today labeled, Attends Classic.

    I was quite exited to see a new product on a medical store shelf this morning. It was boldly labeled Attends Classic. I looked over the package and took a peak inside to find bright blue colored diapers, and then my heart sank. They were cloth backed. What the hell is classic about cloth...
  18. Khaymen

    RIP: Gene Wilder AKA Willy Wonka

    Gene died yesterday at age 83. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory Blazing Saddles Young Frankenstein ... I enjoyed his comedy growing up and thought he still had it on Will and Grace a few years ago.
  19. Khaymen

    Vintage Diaper Design

    I recently decided to purchase a very old product. Before there existed fitted disposable diapers the original design of Pampers was that of a flat fold cloth diaper. Now these are horrible products for use as they will gap and leak easily, but if you want the look and feel of an original...
  20. Khaymen

    Orlando Skyplex 2017

    For all of you adrenaline junkies, who else besides me is planning a trip to ride this next year?