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    Help Me Understand This Diaper

    Someone recently posted a link for “Becks Classic Snap Adult Cloth Diapers”. The site states: “Becks Classic Snap Adult Cloth Diapers are our Two-ply 100% cotton Birdseye face cloth adult diapers with stainless snaps are an economical alternative to disposable adult briefs. Becks Classic Snap...
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    Bed Pad for Night Diaper

    As a side sleeper who is most comfortable pointing up cloth diapers work best for me. However, in recent months I’ve come to appreciate the odor control and convenience of disposables. I’m wondering. Is there any chance I could get the best of both by wearing a folded and taped in place...
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    Crinkly Plastic Pants

    I received a pair of Gerber White Plastic Pants from Baby Pants yesterday. As a bit of a lark I was planning to wear them in public this morning. Thought better of that, they’re loud! Even our dog is taken aback by the noise.
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    Help Request Auto Log-in

    Earlier this week I changed my password as requested. Since then I’ve had to manually log-in every time I access the site even though “Remember me?” is checked when logging in. Am I doing something wrong? (Not having the issue in other vBulletin sites)
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    Dry 24/7 Size

    As regular bed wetter I’ve used cloth and plastic pants for years with minimal leakage. For a variety of reasons I’ve been trying disposables the last few weeks. To date I’ve had the most success (fewest leaks) with Waddler Overnights. Unfortunately my supply is dwindling and they are...
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    7 Mil Plastic Pants

    There are currently two or three vendors selling 7 mil pull-on vinyl pants. With the exception of high vs. normal waist, does anyone know if all the pants are identical and made by Gary Manufacturing?
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    Did the last upgrade eliminate them?
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    Anyone regret becoming a bed wetter?

    Whenever this topic comes up it is met with a chorus of “don’t do it”. Perhaps I’m unique, but I have zero regrets. Just the opposite, for me waking wet with no memory is the ultimate high. It never gets old. So I’m wondering, anyone here who has purposely regressed back to bed wetting wish...
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    Bed-wetting Regression

    Like Garzilla in a recent thread, a late childhood bed wetter, I purposely returned to sleep wetting in my twenties. Not trying to circumvent rules, I wonder if others who made the decision later regretted it. I do not. To the contrary, I feel it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself...
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    Following up on an old thread (, just discovered the original Comco is still in business. Been using their style 230 waterproof pant for years, it’s my all time favorite. Like back in the day, it’s a no-nonsense plastic pant...
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    Childhood Bedwetting – Was I the Only One

    Like many, during my first few years I wet the bed most nights. Didn’t last that long for me, I became dry in my ninth year. Seems most hate bed-wetting in their youth only to later develop a liking for it. Wasn’t that way for me. Although embarrassed and shamed, I have early memories of...
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    Hiding Bedwetting from Parents

    See posts where someone claims they wet the bed and their parents don’t know. Is this for real? As a child there were many times I didn’t want my mother to know. But I was trapped, there was no way I could hide the wetness, had to tell her. Actually, a couple times I tried, simply made my...
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    Comco Plastic Pants

    Been using Comco pull-ons for years. They work for me. Anyway, couple weeks ago I noticed their site is down/gone. Does anyone know the situation, are they out of business?