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  1. Marting

    Strange thing to shout in a car crash?!!!

    So we had a really scary car crash today (luckily we are all safe and well). As we were skidding on the ice, and spinning on the road into the barrier I found myself screaming "mummy, mummy, mummy!!!" . This strikes me as rather interesting. I'm probably only little like one evening a month. And...
  2. Marting

    Is AB sexual?

    A recent post has made me ponder this. For me it's sometimes a sexual thing. But it derives from my childhood development and association with nappies as a safety net.
  3. Marting

    All over nappy designs

    Hi everyone. Just a quick question. Most of the abdl plastic nappies have pictures/designs on them. My question is, were there ever any actual plastic backed baby/toddler nappies with all over patterns on them, or is the all over design of nappies something that only came in when nappies were...
  4. Marting

    Diaper tapes

    I find most abdl diapers seam to tape on my sides rather than at the front of the landing zone. Most modern baby diapers however seam to tape onto the landing zone at the front. Was it the case that older disposable diapers taped more on the sides than the front, and abdl diapers are fitting...
  5. Marting

    Uk price.

    Hi all. I havn't bought ABDL nappies for some years (what with living over seas and bringing up a child etc). But now my little one is a bit older my wife and I have more time for my AB side. Anyway, my point is, is it me or are abdl nappies now a lot cheaper than they were a couple of years...
  6. Marting

    Dry life terry towell

    Hi all. Just bought the Dry Life terry towell with some plastic pants. The towell was quite expensive (£16). I was just wondering, are propper nappy terry towells (like this) more absorbent than a normal bath towell, or have I wasted my money on effectively the same thing? Many thanks :) x
  7. Marting

    Modern nappies

    Hi all. I wear (and enjoy wearing) adult plastic backed nappies. However I really like the aesthetic and feel of modern day cloth backed baby/toddler nappies. I wish there were an adult sized version of a modern day Pampers etc. Why do you think there is nothing like this on the market? I...
  8. Marting

    Who's going to win the World Cup?

    It's the most open tournament I've ever seen. Who's going to win? - - - Updated - - - Oops. Just seen a simular thread was already made. Sorry!
  9. Marting

    Most authentic nappies.

    Hi guys. Maybe a bit of a difficult question, but what would you say are the most authentically babyish nappies out there? I mean the ones most like those a baby would actually wear now or in the past. Texture, look, feel..that sort of thing. Thanks :)
  10. Marting

    Who is ok with it?

    So I know we often hold this side of ourselves a secret from most people (I know that I do). I'm just wondering though, how often are people you have told hostile, indifferent or accepting of this side of you? The only people who know about me are my wife (who embraces it), and my brother (who i...
  11. Marting

    Changing my little mind.

    I've mentioned my anxiety and OCD before, but tonight I think I may have had a revelation that will help me (and maybe some of you). I have obsessed so much recently, and have wanted my little time to be an escape from my anxious mind. However, when little my obsessions have seemed to get worse...
  12. Marting

    OCD: Advice and help with my silly head

    Hi guys I'm rather struggling with my OCD at the moment. This is happening both in my adult and little life. I just can't stop obsessing about stupid, pointless things. In adult life how I am with people, if I was nice enough, if I've made someone ill with germs etc. In my little time I find it...
  13. Marting

    Best tv shows for 2-3 year olds

    Hi all. When I'm little I like watching Daniel Tiger. Which other shows on Netflix are good for 2-3 age range? Love x
  14. Marting

    How many of us are there?

    Hi guys. Have any of you any idea how many people (about) globally are DL/AB. Be interesting to know what sort of perceptile we are in. What are your thoughts? Xxx
  15. Marting

    Potty training age

    Hi guys. I've been thinking about potty training age when in little space. What age were you, your children, your siblings etc out of nappies during the day? And when at night? Thanks guys. X
  16. Marting

    Texture, advice and escaping OCD in little space 🤔

    Hi all. I have OCD and have had an obsession for ages that I can't shake. It sounds petty, but it takes me out of little space all the time. My obsession is this: are the adult nappies wear now, the same texture as the baby nappies we ware when we were little? Is the plastic thicker/thinner? Did...
  17. Marting

    Marriage and more

    Hi all Was going over my old threads and just found this: Hi all. "Been a big couple of weeks for me, with accepting this side of myself. I boughtmy first diapers, and have chatted to people, and even told my brother! I sometimes feel very sad though. I suffer with anxiety, and have never had...
  18. Marting

    Changing: Stand or lie?

    Hi all Havn't posted for ages, so hope you are all good. I have OCD and have a bit of an obsession that I can't shake. When I'm being little I am around 2 and a half to three. What I can't work out is whether it is usual at that age to lie down for a nappy change, or whether it is more usual to...
  19. Marting

    Other sites

    Hi all. Quick question. Which other ab/dl websites are good or not good? Want to explore :)
  20. Marting

    Poems and stories (none abdl)

    Hi all. Thought it would be nice to have a little section for none abdl poems/stories - - - Updated - - - The spectre wondered hell and earth, But no one saw his worth. He was simply 'there' then 'not there'. But that was okay, he'd play the cellophane way: He didn't care. Because he (like the...