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  1. NovaDL

    Tykables Galactic / Little Rawrs vs. ABU PeekABU / Simple Ultra: Tykables Wins.

    I've recently tested both, and in terms of functional capacity as well as how much they make you waddle, there is no question: Tykables is WAY ahead. The PeekABU / Simple Ultra has a major design flaw, which has been noted before: they used a new type of SAP, which makes them thinner to begin...
  2. NovaDL

    New product idea

    I submitted a new product idea to Tykables: adult sized crawler knee pads, in classic baby style. This is something literally no one makes, and is useful for ABs who like to play on the floor since adults have so much higher ground pressure.
  3. NovaDL

    Going 24 hours diapered

    Well, I'm out of work right now, and have nowhere I need to go today, so I figured what the hell? Might as well try going 24 hours. I used a good zinc barrier cream to be safe, and am changing as need be. All these years of being an ABDL and that's one thing I've just never done. I'm just a few...
  4. NovaDL

    Finding myself increasingly drawn towards the AB side

    Apologies in advance: I'm drunk. I started out as primarily DL, but I find myself increasingly drawn towards the AB side. I'm autistic, and find adult life increasingly challenging. I'd honestly give anything to go back to about 18 months old. Unfortunately, being autistic, I'm basically immune...
  5. NovaDL

    Got my paci from

    Finally decided to spend the money and get a truly good adult pacifier. And let me tell you, it was worth it. They're the only ones that do the nipple right, with their long stem "size 7" nipple (basically a NUK5 nipple with a longer stem). This allows you to suck on it much more easily than...
  6. NovaDL

    DiaperDrawer Thick 'n Thirsty diapers - Anyone ever tried these?

    These look amazing: I just ordered a pack to try them out. I'll let you know. Only bad thing is they charge $13 to ship a 2-diaper sample pack to , and $14 for a pack of 12. Given the huge price of shipping, I went ahead and...
  7. NovaDL

    Well that was fortunate. . .

    I'm on the East Coast, so we have a blizzard going on right now. I'd suited up in a Bellisimo for the night, and was working on my housemate's computer. I leaned to the side to let out a fart. . .and it wasn't a fart. I'd been having some gastrointestinal issues all week from some bad Chinese...
  8. NovaDL

    Diapered at the movies?

    Well, I'm wanting to go see The Force Awakens this weekend. Obviously, I really don't want to have to get up to go pee in the middle of it. So I ordered a sample pack of Biancos (my current stock is Bellisimos) so I can have something that won't be obvious and won't make me waddle like crazy...
  9. NovaDL

    Trying to burn out some

    Lately I've been thinking about diapers constantly during slower times at work, and it's making it difficult to concentrate. I'm missing that feeling of something between my legs. Normally I don't wear more than once or twice a week, but now I'm just trying to burn out a bit so the urges will...
  10. NovaDL

    Holy cow, Bellisimos!

    So just tried some Bellisimos for the first time. Wow. These things are insane. Hold a TON, leakproof even when flooding, and bulky as all get out. They don't start out very bulky, but after a couple of wettings it was utterly impossible to bring my knees together, and I was literally forced to...
  11. NovaDL

    Hello all

    Hello, everyone. I'm a DL in Northern Virginia. I'm mostly into diaper wearing and age regression fantasies.