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  1. DLScottsman

    Pampers size 8 in Australia

    That is smaller than a size 7.
  2. DLScottsman

    Any ABDL members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints on here?

    I would like the link as well.
  3. DLScottsman

    Has anyone ever met or seen an abdl randomly in the wild? (not at a much or meetup)

    I regularly wear my onesies out in public. I keep waiting to see if anyone would notice or say anything. Note: I tend to get ones that would not look overly childish.
  4. DLScottsman

    OAB and Stigma

    I have mentioned my OAB here many times. Yes, there are days where I say screw it and use my diaper. That is the main reason that my daily diaper is the Northshore Megamax. they absorb quickly and can handle 2 - 3 wettings before leaking.
  5. DLScottsman

    Are Extra Absorb Channels Ruining Diapers? And Diaper Lovers?

    They are on the Underjams replacements Ninjamas. I personally like them as I used 2 Ninjamas as stuffers today. P&G licenses the patent in the US from a German company which is why they're not in any other diapers in the US.
  6. DLScottsman

    Leak Guards at the Top

    As do I. I think it was Luvs as that is what my friend's kid was wearing at the time.
  7. DLScottsman

    Are There cloth diapers that resemble underwear

    I have quite a few from Rearz. I wear them at night in lew of a normal diaper as I do not wet the bed but have fears that I might. You need a cover with them and I suggest Gary Wear bought from Northshore...
  8. DLScottsman

    Black friday deals?

    LIttles Lab is doing a bogo 50% off sale.
  9. DLScottsman

    Nov has been a nightmare (Newly incontinent)

    As a person that has to wear because my OAB will sometimes give me not enough time to get to the restroom and an AB, I know your pain. There are days where I don't want to wear but have to if I am going to leave the house. There is a major difference between wanting to wear and needing to...
  10. DLScottsman

    Sissies and tampons

    The best advice I have heard for anal play comes from the American Sex Podcast "Without a base. Without a trace." Nothing should go in your anus without a flared base. I have put tampons in there but I will not any longer. Just get a butt plug it will give you the same feeling.
  11. DLScottsman

    New Zealand Nappies

    I wish you luck with this venture. I live in the US so will not be ordering from you.
  12. DLScottsman

    New Rearz Diaper

    If the shipping from Canada to California were not so bad I would consider it. When 1 pack costs more to ship than the diapers it is not worth it.
  13. DLScottsman

    How LittleForBig Created the Perfect Diaper

    I will not try them or buy any more LFB products as they are transphobic. There has been many posts for that here and on reddit. I have many trans friends and am Gender fluid so I can't support a company that is bigoted in anyway.
  14. DLScottsman

    Possible new Goodnites Product??

    I want to see a side by side of these and Depend Guards for men. I just pulled up both products in different tabs. They are very similar.
  15. DLScottsman

    Because Pull-ups

    They contacted me when they took over Willow because I had tried them. I still question the men's pull ups because the padding still does not seem to go up high enough.
  16. DLScottsman

    How did you handle bedwetting as a kid in the 80's

    I had to wear thick training pants with plastic pants over them. I was a bed wetter until I was 6.
  17. DLScottsman


    I canceled my order as well. I watched the mindlessly diapered review and know how small she is and they ripped on her.
  18. DLScottsman

    New underjams

    I got an update from Amazon and mine will be delivered on the 12th of August.
  19. DLScottsman

    New underjams

    I like both and can't wait until my pack of the girls ones come in.
  20. DLScottsman

    Diaper Stuffing and conflicted feelings.

    I had a chat on discord and was feeling batter about it later that day.