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  1. Mousy

    are bambino still a good diaper

    I ordered from them this month and it took a week to get my order. They just fit me better. I do wish they had a two tape diaper available. SDK by ABU is still my favorite. Give them a try :)
  2. Mousy

    I've lost some weight....diaper size question Kiddos

    I think I'll just get a sample of a 4-Tape. I didn't mean to lose weight. I was bored so I bought a cheapo exercise bike off of Amazon and been riding it for an hour a day... plus the lock down diet (no fast food)
  3. Mousy

    I've lost some weight....diaper size question Kiddos

    I've lost some weight since I last ordered diapers. I usually buy Kiddos from ABUniverse. I want to try the 4 tape version and was wondering if they fit looser or tighter compared to the two tape kind? I know I could just get a couple of samples but I just want an opinion or two :)
  4. Mousy

    Using alcohol and diapers.

    Thanks for the advice. I promise not to overindulge.
  5. Mousy

    Using alcohol and diapers.

    I usually just have a couple of beers or a bottle of wine. Not enough to make myself sick. Maybe I should try and find a better way to feel little.
  6. Mousy

    Using alcohol and diapers.

    When I wear diapers. I use alcohol. I have a couple of beers or a bottle of wine and use my diaper. I also drink a glass of water for every glass of wine or beer. I feel wobbly when I walk and have less bladder control. Is this a good idea?
  7. Mousy

    First time ordering from ABU

    Hi :) Yes, you will receive a tracking number. Your order will arrive in a plain brown (very discrete) box. The last shipment I received a few days ago was very well taped. I have housemates and they have no idea what's in the box. Not sure if you can smell stuff because I always order...
  8. Mousy

    Printed diapers

    Tykables overnights Carousel (seems they only have large at the moment) Diaper connoisseur...
  9. Mousy


    They have Kiddos in stock. Just bought 1/2 a case of mediums.
  10. Mousy

    Bianco's quality

    I bought a case last night. I just couldn't pass up the price. Even if they are going a little down hill (I haven't been able to tell the difference and that what counts) they are much better than store brands. P.S I do love ABU Im wearing a SDK as I type... I just they would have a 30%...
  11. Mousy

    Diapers that feels most like Pampers etc.

    I like Super Dry Kids from Abuniverse..... They are plastic backed and the two tapes and the classic design make me feel toddlerish.
  12. Mousy

    Tykables Training pants

    That must have been neat! Are things cheaper at the store? I'll have to make a point to stop there if I ever decide to drive across the entire country.
  13. Mousy

    Tykables Training pants

    I love the training pants that Tykables has on sale. The only way to get a decent price per pair ($15 each) is to buy a set of 5 of the same design. I wish they had an option for a variety pack of five designs. Maybe if everyone sent them a kind note requesting some sort of variety pack...
  14. Mousy

    Hurrah for Magnificos!

    It's much more comfortable and eaiser to adjust than teddys or Bellissim's (I've never tried secure x plus)...I am tempted to wear one out in public tomorrow (which i never do) So far so good capacity wise. Hopefully someone will do a proper review soon.
  15. Mousy

    Hurrah for Magnificos!

    My bag of Magnificos arrived! While my dinner pizza was cooking. I washed up, put on a layer of Desitin, and put one on. I love the velcro tapes! They are so easy to fasten and refasten! It feels so nice and thick. I am going to have a fun night and test it's capacity. Hurrah...
  16. Mousy

    Tykables Training pants on Clearance !!

    I've been wanting some cloth training pants for a while. Tykables is having a clearance sale on white Traing pants. According to the website... "This is a clearance item, sold as is. These are brand new, never worn items that may have a small irregularity such as fabric discoloring or miss...
  17. Mousy

    Bambino diapers quality drop PSA

    The bellissimos I ordered a month ago are great. They last all night. They swell but have never leaked. My last batch had a few tape problems but nothing but giggles and grins now.
  18. Mousy

    Netflix "Word party" show.

    my favorite is Lou lou the panda.
  19. Mousy

    Whoever heard....of a Gruffalo?

    I love the Book. I wish someone would read it too me.
  20. Mousy

    Max amounts of wettings

    My Bellissimos can hold a lot.... let's say at least a six-packs worth of fluid.