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  1. INTrePid

    What kind of diaper pail/disposal system do you use?

    I'm looking for a new diaper pail/trash bin that can hold a decent number of used diapers and can also seal well enough to contain odors for an extended period of time if necessary.
  2. INTrePid

    Disappointed with GoSupreme Pull-Ups

    I bought a case of NorthShore's GoSupreme pull-ups a few months ago and now after wearing most of them I have to say that I've been generally disappointed with their performance. There have been several occasions where they have leaked on only the second wetting. More often than not, they cannot...
  3. INTrePid

    To what extent is the coronavirus affecting diaper production in China?

    It's a well known fact that most ABDL diapers are produced in China. I wonder what effect the coronavirus has been having on production and when we'll start feeling the effects in the U.S. I have to imagine that these extended factory shut downs will ultimately lead to a shortage, so now might...
  4. INTrePid

    Which colors would you most like to see in diapers?

    I was reading an article about some research done to determine which color underwear men and women like the most and it got me thinking about this question again. In terms of underwear, the researchers found that white was the most liked color among men and red was the most liked color among...
  5. INTrePid

    Elton John's secret cancer battle 'left him incontinent and crippled with pain'

  6. INTrePid

    American Airlines flight attendant told passenger to go in a bag after plane's toilets overflow

    TLDR: Someone on an American Airlines flight to Hawaii flushed a diaper down a toilet, disabling and backing up the entire system. Normally when this happens the flight will divert to the nearest airport but as the plane was over the Pacific ocean the nearest airport was their destination in...
  7. INTrePid

    New study claims anticholinergic medications often prescribed for OAB are linked to higher risk of dementia
  8. INTrePid

    What is the most absorbent pull-up?

    What is the most absorbent pull-up on the market right now? I'm mainly trying to decide between the Northshore GoSupreme and the Abena Abri-Flex M3. Those two seem to be in the lead based on the reviews I've read, but never having tried either before I thought I'd see what the general consensus...
  9. INTrePid

    Stash Size Survey

    I thought this might be an interesting question to ask the community and see what is the average/distribution. How many diapers do you currently have in your stash?
  10. INTrePid

    According to a recent study, majority of incontinence treatments deliver poor results

    Not entirely surprising, but I thought I'd post the article here.
  11. INTrePid

    Has anyone tried the new ABU PowerUps yet?

    These have been on their website for a few weeks now but I've been putting off trying them until I see some reviews and feel ready to commit to buying a whole case. The price for a 30 pack seems a bit high compared to other booster pads like NorthShore's. But if they really do swell as much as...
  12. INTrePid

    How can public restrooms be designed/adapted to better serve the needs of incontinent people?

    If you had the opportunity to design a public bathroom entirely from scratch with incontinent people in mind, what would you do? Personally, I quite like the ones that are set up as multiple individual room, single-occupancy unisex toilets with locking doors. That seems to me to be the ideal...
  13. INTrePid

    Diaper disposal: How do you handle it?

    Right now I just toss used diapers into a regular trash bag and take them out regularly, but I was wondering if it would be worth it to buy a dedicated diaper pail/bin. The ones I've seen online have pretty mixed reviews. Do they actually work and do a good job keeping odors in or are they...
  14. INTrePid

    Saving rare/discontinued diapers for special occasions

    I always keep a few rare or discontinued diapers and set them aside for special occasions. They're also useful to keep as a reference to compare to newer diapers on the market. How many of you do this too? What old/discontinued diapers do you have stored at the back of your closet? I'm currently...
  15. INTrePid

    ABU Preschool - Plastic Edition!

    Just visited ABU's website today and noticed that they now have a plastic version of the Preschool, shipping on or before November 29th. My biggest wish has now been fulfilled! Can't wait to get my hands on these.
  16. INTrePid

    Where do you store your diapers?

    For those of you who wear diapers on a daily basis, where do you keep them stored? I keep the diapers that I've taken out of the packaging in a chest of drawers in my bedroom and leave the ones still in cases in my basement. I have so many that it would be impossible to keep them all in bedroom...
  17. INTrePid

    ADISC gender survey

    I thought it would be interesting to do a survey to see what the self-reported gender demographics are here on ADISC. I'm not sure if the gender data from user profiles has ever been published, but regardless a survey like this will be more representative of the active users.
  18. INTrePid

    Suggestion Separate Forum, call it "Red Alert" or something for when people get caught, stashes get discovered, 'crisis' situations and tips/advice on discretion

    Separate Forum, call it "Red Alert" or something for when people get caught, stashes get discovered, 'crisis' situations and tips/advice on discretion It seems like at least every week there is a new thread in Diaper Talk by someone wanting support/advice after their stash is found or they're...
  19. INTrePid

    Northshore Supreme: Most Underrated Diaper?

    I decided to go out on a limb and buy a case of Northshore Supremes this past week and I have to say I've been quite impressed so far. The shipping from Northshore, although not free, was extremely fast. My case arrived less than 24 hours after placing my order, with standard shipping. They also...
  20. INTrePid

    US poultry workers denied bathroom breaks, wear diapers to work

    According to an Oxfam report that just came out, US poultry workers are routinely being denied bathroom breaks and many have resorted to wearing diapers on the job. I think everyone...