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    I do!!! I love Heather Feather, Asmaurette, Massage Asmr, and Ephemeral Rift especially. I like voices as long as they have a good voice and good recording equipment, but I think tapping and other small sound interactions are my favorite too, as well as some of the visual stuff with hands and...
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    Really looking forward to the continuation of this!
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    Anime You're Currently Watching?

    Indeed NGE is masterful. Myself I just finished Eureka Seven not too long ago, great show. As of this season all I'm keeping up with are Kill la Kill and Space Dandy. Both started out hard to get into, but both also got good eventually, and once you get used to their idiosyncrasies both are...
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    have you ever wet the bed. for non bedwetters

    I don't remember much from when I was young enough that the odd bedwetting incident wasn't surprising, only one particular time, but I don't remember anything else happening through most of my childhood, and I certainly don't consider myself a bedwetter. However, having said that once I started...
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    Diaper related dreams?

    I can't remember if I used to have dreams that concerned diapers more than a couple years or so back, but recently this last year they've started showing up in dreams occasionally, sometimes when I'm anticipating a chance to wear. Honestly it's kind of annoying since I'll use them in the dream...
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    Tranquility ATNs and the Depends Protection With Tabs are both incredibly loud; I don't know which one to say is louder...although the landing pads on Bellissimos are also really noisy if you don't wear something to keep it still....
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    Best diaper for odor protection?

    I think as a general rule plastic-backed diapers do marginally better with this. Plastic pants might also keep the smell in for a while
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    are depends REALLY that bad

    all I've ever worn from them are the protection with tabs brand. as far as functionality goes, I guess I don't have much good to say about it, other than that they are indeed very thin, and I personally love having three tabs on each side. For some reason though they're actually one of my...
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    Did anyone get into diapers from other fetishes? (story how I got into diapers)

    mine came sorta hand-in hand with a pee/omorashi type fetish, and the diaper thing was probably there all along but I didn't really identify with it until I found out that its actually a thing, yknow?
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    What's the riskiest situation you've put yourself in?

    A while back I wore to a concert that I was meeting a friend at. Now I had never worn around friends before, but at college I get very few opportunities to wear, and the concert was several hours away, so I figured I couldn't NOT wear, right? For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to...
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    How old were you when you started using diapers?

    I seem to remember having sneaked on an old pair of pullups sometime very shortly after potty training. I remember wanting to use them, but I figured since my dad already knew I had them on he would find out if I used them so I didn't. Nothing else comes to mind until I started doing the towel...
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    The Mystery of Disposition

    awesome, I was afraid this was dead!
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    Your diaper schedule

    when I'm at college, never, only when I'm driving longer than 2 hours or so. have a 6-hour drive when I go back home so thats always a good opportunity. when school's out, usually once to three times a week I'll wear in the evening, to bed, and if it can hold anymore, the morning. and same with...
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    The Mystery of Disposition

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    Anime You're Currently Watching?

    Dennou Coil!
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    Regarding Plastic Pants

    ooh, I'll have to try the hanger thing, that sounds about right for my situation
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    Regarding Plastic Pants

    For those of you living with parents or with other people not in-the-know, how do you guys handle plastic pants? I really don't want to risk putting it through the laundry with my other clothes, but even if that worked out, the real problem would seem to be drying them. I've been told that...
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    How long can you stay in your used diaper.

    I pretty much wear for the "wet" feeling, so I usually try to go as long as I can, until either the diaper leaks, or I have to do something where I don't want to be diapered. I'm pretty sure I've worn the same for 24 hours once after doubling up and wearing plastic pants. I'm not sure I'd do it...
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    Finished The Girl in My Closet (Chp. 1 - 16; Complete)

    dang! this was something else entirely. Fantastic, even. This has stretched my perception of the depth achievable in this sort of niche writing!
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    Hi, my name is Joseph. I am a DL and I came to this site for the stories, and for the advice and information that is relevant to my interest. I am an avid musician; I play several instruments, sing, and compose music. To a lesser extent I also draw and animate using Flash. Nice to meet the...