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  1. WraithVintari

    Omfg dad got shot at

    im still in shock
  2. WraithVintari

    The fireorca is back!!!

    yeah sorry guys, got sucked into the zone of alienation around chernobyl (among other things):sweatdrop:. im slowly easing myself back into all the forums i was on before.
  3. WraithVintari

    babyfur orcas (or lack thereof.....)

    have u ever noticed there are virtually NO babyfur orcas. there are only 3 registered anywhere as far as i can tell, and im one of them.
  4. WraithVintari

    guess i cant hide out any longer....

    my name is wraith fireorca (or rather, thats my furry name. i rarely use my real name since that one time i was stalked) my main fursona is a dl/tb diaperfur fireorca my alt fursona is a hellraptor (yes, i did say that, but only cause thats the name of my species) about the title, its because...