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  1. Mousy

    I've lost some weight....diaper size question Kiddos

    I've lost some weight since I last ordered diapers. I usually buy Kiddos from ABUniverse. I want to try the 4 tape version and was wondering if they fit looser or tighter compared to the two tape kind? I know I could just get a couple of samples but I just want an opinion or two :)
  2. Mousy

    Using alcohol and diapers.

    When I wear diapers. I use alcohol. I have a couple of beers or a bottle of wine and use my diaper. I also drink a glass of water for every glass of wine or beer. I feel wobbly when I walk and have less bladder control. Is this a good idea?
  3. Mousy

    Tykables Training pants

    I love the training pants that Tykables has on sale. The only way to get a decent price per pair ($15 each) is to buy a set of 5 of the same design. I wish they had an option for a variety pack of five designs. Maybe if everyone sent them a kind note requesting some sort of variety pack...
  4. Mousy

    Hurrah for Magnificos!

    My bag of Magnificos arrived! While my dinner pizza was cooking. I washed up, put on a layer of Desitin, and put one on. I love the velcro tapes! They are so easy to fasten and refasten! It feels so nice and thick. I am going to have a fun night and test it's capacity. Hurrah...
  5. Mousy

    Tykables Training pants on Clearance !!

    I've been wanting some cloth training pants for a while. Tykables is having a clearance sale on white Traing pants. According to the website... "This is a clearance item, sold as is. These are brand new, never worn items that may have a small irregularity such as fabric discoloring or miss...
  6. Mousy

    My Summer wish....

    Summer is nearly over. I have the same wish every year. I wish I could play in an inflatable kiddie pool in the back yard without a diaper on ( or play in the water until my diaper is huge and I have to be nudie) My backyard isn't private enough. I think being nudie outside is very...
  7. Mousy

    Diapers feel so much nicer if you are shaved down below.

    Shaving makes me look and feel so much younger! I just wish there were a way to keep hair from growing back.
  8. Mousy

    Hello :)

    Hi, I'm from the USA :) and I have a Job :) I've been interested in Diapers since I was a boy and Started wearing last year when I found Bambinos and ABU. I am into retro video games (NES, SNES, and Sega Genisis). I also love playing board games, dice games, and card games. I...